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100th Day of School Activities

Manali Oak Feb 15, 2019
Do you want some ideas on celebrating the 100th day at school? 100th day of school activities can be real fun if planned well. Read on to find some interesting ones.
The 100th day of school is a time to celebrate It is a day to enjoy the completion of 100 days at school. It's a gala time for all the tiny tots to fete!
It is a big day for the students for they are proud to have reached a milestone of 100. It is in the hands of the schoolteachers to plan something for the kids and make the day special for them.
A variety of activities could be planned on the 100th day of school. The celebration could begin on the 100th day and last for a week. Of course, the plan depends on the school calendar. But it is good to take some time out from the schedule and bring a positive change to the daily routine to let the children enjoy their 100th day at school.
As a teacher, you could theme the day of the celebration with the number 100. One interesting activity could be to ask the students to wear a representation of 100 in their own way. Children will definitely come up with innovative ideas to tune to the theme.
You could ask the students to bring 100 things to class and share them with their classmates. This does not mean expenditure for gifting the classmates. It is rather an idea to involve creativity of the children to fetch 100 things to carry to school.
To reinforce some academic skills in the children, you could ask them to count in different ways to reach 100. This can mean counting in 2s, 5s, or 10s, thus applying some math skills. Many other mathematical games involving 100 numbers can be devised.
You could ask the children to bring 100 things of a certain type and then ask them to classify and sort them. You could ask them to locate 100 countries on the globe or enlist 100 animals or birds. You could ask them to write 100 words on their favorite subject.
Telling Children to make sentences using the words 'hundred' and 'days' could be another interesting activity! These activities are a combination of fun and study. They serve as sources of enjoyment as well as sources of revising lessons in school. Such activities are of fun and play but they foster academic skills in students.
The activities could include fun games that require a student to score 100 points to win!
Teachers could come up with some learning activities such as teaching the kids to count till 100 in a foreign language or trying to make them learn 100 new words.
Other activities could involve teaching the students to write the number 100 in different languages or ways. This could be something like teaching them the roman number 100 or introducing calligraphy to writing this number.
A really different 100th day of school activity could be of asking the students to maintain silence for 100 seconds!
If planned in advance, the activities can begin from the 10th day of school with a series of them on the 20th, 30th days and so on until the 100th day. This could include writing one page every 10th day to obtain a beautiful story at the end of the 100th day. This gives the students a feel of the upcoming celebration that they can look forward to.
You can devise many such 100th day of school activities with the help of your imagination and creativity. Remember to bring fun and amusement in the activities and make the 100th day of school a memorable one!