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5 Reasons to Attend Excelsior College

If you’re looking for a flexible online education, Excelsior College may be for you.
Modern Times Apr 12, 2019
Excelsior College is a nonprofit distance education institution offering flexible credit options.

With their generous transfer program and various exam-for-credit options, many students are able to graduate much faster than at other colleges.

Liberal Transfer Policy

Many colleges don’t accept previous credits more than 10 years old.

But Excelsior offers a bachelor’s degree program that allows students to transfer up to 117 credits, no matter how long ago they were completed.

Extensive Credit by Exam Program

Excelsior has more resources for credit by exams than most other institutions. In addition to accepting CLEP and DANTES credit, they also offer their own UEXCEL exams for college credit.

These tests cover many subjects, including humanities, math, science, education, business, technology, and nursing.

College Credit for Previous Job Training

Excelsior offers college credit for certain training and credentials you might already have. An associate degree in health sciences will earn you 18 credits, and a paramedic could receive up to 30.

Aside from health care, you can also receive credit for FEMA, criminal justice, IT, military, and many other types of training.

Completely Online Education

Excelsior’s programs are entirely online, meaning more flexibility for you. You can continue to work or take care of your family.

It also means no dorm, fuel, or other costs from attending classes in person.

Flexible Tuition Options

Paying for an education at Excelsior College can be easier than at other colleges and universities. They offer many programs to help take the cost burdens off the student.

In addition to state and federal financial aid, they also offer institutional scholarships, military discounts, veteran tuition deferment and payment plans.
For flexible education options, consider Excelsior College.

You can advance your career, expand your mind, and increase your earning potential, all from home.