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5 Reasons to Pursue an Online Degree

Getting a degree doesn’t have to mean four years in class and thousands of dollars in debt. Consider attending college online instead.
Modern Times Apr 19, 2019
Sometimes it can be hard to get the education you need to succeed. Maybe you’re older and school just wasn’t an option when you were young, or you’ve found your calling and need the certification to take you to the next level.

Maybe a massive tuition bill isn’t in the budget right now. Here are five reasons to get a degree online.

The Bill

Staring down your FAFSA, taxes, and grants and scholarships is a nightmare in and of itself.

But then seeing the actual cost of your semester and your loan’s interest rate can be enough to send you running in the opposite direction. A cyber school has very little overhead cost, passing those savings to you.


Another negative for traditional schools is that sometimes the degree with the most amount of weight in your field isn’t in your own backyard. Sometimes it’s not even in your state.

Instead of packing up your life and moving to a place where no one knows your name, stay within your support system and let the education come to you.


Taking online courses at a traditional school can still require you to go to campus for tests and office hours. Save gas and paper by going to a fully online school like Excelsior College instead.

Especially if you have your dream job and just need a certification to get into the next phase of it, schools like Excelsior College offer exams for a fee.


It can be stressful trying to balance work, school, and regular life. In online settings like Excelsior College, you can make your own schedule instead of being at the mercy of professors or on-site labs.

In some classes, as long as you do the homework and pass the final, you can even choose how quickly you want to work through the semester.


It used to be commonplace for only able-bodied, single people between the ages of 18 and 22 to attend college.

An online institution makes it easier for differently abled people, older people, or those with their own family to attend classes in the hopes of advancing in their chosen career field.
Finding and attending the online school that's right for you can be a challenging task, so do extensive research on any college before enrolling. But what you get out of a good school is more than worth the research and work.