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5 Simple Ways to Impress Your Professor

Sometimes taking that extra step in school to show that you’re interested in the class or jazzing up your projects tells your professor that you want to succeed.
Modern Times May 2, 2019
Moving your seat to the front of the class or answering questions during class will impress your professors.

On the working front, if you ask for extra credit assignments or simply put your report in custom presentation folders, you are bound to wow your professors.

Move to the front of the classroom

Moving up to the front of the classroom shows initiative. Being more visible is especially important when you’re in a large classroom.

Being more visible gives your professor the chance to see how interested you are in the lecture and gives you a competitive edge.

Answer questions

Answering questions when you’re in class lets your professor know that you’ve actually been reading the materials for class and you’ve come prepared.

Always keep up with all your assignments and participate the best you can.

Extra credit

No one likes to work when it’s not necessary, but what if it will give you a competitive edge in class? Asking for extra credit assignments in school isn’t just for students who are failing.

Who couldn’t use a couple of extra credit throughout the year? Your professor will appreciate the effort.

Custom presentations

Customize your presentations and show that you care about your grade.

Most professors, like students, feel as though they are underappreciated, and when you put your added touch to your presentations, they will know that you actually care about their course.

That added touch

When you’re completing an assignment for class, most students just do the minimum to pass.

If you really want to impress your professor, go above and beyond with your research and add information from specialized sources.
Even students who are taking technical courses such as automotive, diesel and collision repair academic programs will benefit from these five simple ways to impress your professor.

Be sure to complete all your assignments on time, pay attention in class, and put your personal touch on your assignments, and you will certainly impress your professor.