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A Powerful Course Search & Application Tool – CatEight

Monica Lin Aug 31, 2019
CatEight is powerful course search and application tool that can help students as well as agents find and apply for a course with ease. Except for that, students can also use it to find schools, agents, apply for student visa and view educational news and tips. As for agents, you can receive and manage course application through the platform as well.

Best Course Search Tool - CatEight's Course Finder

CatEight's Course Finder is a professional course search tool that enables you to find different kinds of courses in different countries and institutions without hassles.

Use Course Application to Apply for a Course Easily

The Course Application function of CatEight can assist you to apply for your dream course and school effectively and effortlessly.

Apply for Student Visa Effectively

The Visa Application function of CatEight can assist students to apply for a student visa with ease.

Use School Finder to Find a School That Fits You

By using CatEight's School Finder, you are able to find a school including primary school, secondary school, college or university from different countries with ease.

Agent Finder Helps You to Find a Reliable Agent Effortlessly

CatEight's Agent Finder provides you with lots of agents' information, which enables you to find a reliable education agent effortlessly.