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Fun Activities for First Week of School

Manali Oak Sep 29, 2018
The first week of school is about new beginnings. This should be with some fun activities for students.
The first week of school is generally the period during which students get to know the new members of their class, the subjects in their curriculum, and their teachers. To adjust to the new schedule, many schools prefer to plan some interesting activities for the students. They are meant to make the children comfortable with one another and with the school.

Fun Introductions

Plan an introductory session on the first day of school. Have them come before the class in pairs to introduce themselves. Discuss the curriculum and timetable. Be interactive by asking them questions.

Art and Craft

Get the creative minds to work by organizing some art and craft activities. Divide them into groups and give each group a theme for decoration. Seeing the classroom decorated with their own creations will make them feel good and more belonged.


Distribute interesting questionnaires among the students and have them answer quick questions. Throw some rapid-fire questions at them. Divide the class into pairs and have one in each pair interview the other. Have prizes for witty answers!

Snack Together

Gather the whole class during their lunch or snack break. Encourage sharing of food. A small welcome party with some fun games followed by eating together is also a great idea. For the older kids, even a potluck party is a good option.

Discussions and Debates

Divide the class into two teams and give them a topic to debate on. Or divide the class into teams of six and give each team a topic for discussion. These will give the students the means to voice their opinions with confidence, and allow a healthy exchange of views.

Song and Dance

Encourage the music and dance enthusiasts to perform before the class. This way, the kids will get a chance to exhibit their talents. You could divide them into groups and have them enact a skit before the class.

Outdoor Fun

Devote one whole day of the first week of school to outdoor fun. Organize team games and outdoor activities like tug of war or a game of football, depending on the student's age and size of the group. Hitting the playground is sure to give the kids a boost of energy.
Pick any of these activities for the first week of school or vary them depending on what suits your school/class setting. Make sure that the students have loads of fun, so that they carry this positive spirit throughout the year.