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Advice for College Freshmen

Rujuta Borkar Apr 21, 2019
Being a freshman in college can get to be a very hard thing. Maybe the following advice for college freshmen will help students in handling themselves well. Continue reading for more details.
College is a lot of fun, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. But... there can be trying times in the midst of all that fun, and if you haven't really prepared for it, you might find college a little tough to handle.
So then if you don't want the stress overriding your good times at college, you need to have a plan and not walk in clueless. So, read ahead to know some facts to help you out with how to make college life easier and a whole lot of fun.

Advice for Students

The advice that we discuss in this section ranges over several aspects of college life. Some that has to do with studies, some with social gatherings, and some with safety tips. Read on for a comprehensive list of how you can adjust better at college and make your journey there memorable.
★ Look through the official college website to learn more about the college campus, your classes, and anything else that makes it easier to get to know the college better. 
★ If possible, visit your dorm room and make a list of the things that you need to buy and those that are provided for. That will help you adjust better when you finally shift in.
★ Talk to your professors beforehand and find out how you can fare better at the classes.
★ Make a plan of regular studies. That will save you from cramming and burning out at the end of each semester.

★ Make a study timetable of how and when you will study according to the free time you have available. Then try to stick to it.
★ Try to attend regular class so that you do not face any last minute pressure.
★ Try to make friends with at least one person from each class that you take. That way you can help each other out when one misses class etc.
★ Try to interact with everyone so that the feelings of homesickness can be taken care of. A good way to do this is to host a party, but it can get messy so try to attend other parties as an option.
★ If you don't know the person or many other people at a party that you've been invited to, then it is better to go in a group. This especially stands true for freshmen girls.
★ Make sure that you look out for each other. That means no abandoning friends and going off on your own without informing them.

★ Be careful what you drink at a party. If possible, be present when someone prepares your drink. That way you can monitor what is being added and no one can lace your drink.
★ Do not accept a drink from anyone you don't know. You can never be sure about anyone's intentions.

★ Do not give in to peer pressure and take to drug abuse, smoking or drinking.
★ Girls should always, always keep a self defense object like a pepper spray or a small scissor on them.
★ If you have a cell phone then make sure that your emergency numbers have been stored in your speed dial section. That way if something ever happens to you, there will be an emergency contact base.
★ Make sure that you're not a recluse. Make an effort to interact with others on campus so that you can deal with the overwhelming emotion of living alone.

★ Involve yourself in campus activities. That way you'll do some socialization and it will lead to all round personality development.
★ Make sure you do not get bogged down with pressure and are allowing yourself some recreational activities like movies and dating.

★ Learn to balance your finances right by learning the techniques of budgeting.

★ Budgeting will help you to keep a check on your finances so that you do not go overboard.
★ Take up co-curricular activities like writing for a newspaper, being a part of a theater group, or taking part in sports activities. This will not only keep you busy and help you network, but will also help you to choose a career.
★ Keep a check on the kind of food that you're eating. It is your responsibility to take care of your health. Do not binge and make sure that you're maintaining a well-balanced meal.

★ And a very, very important piece of advice is that do not ever shirk away from asking for help. Especially if it has something to do with your safety or grades.
This was just a gist of some of the important factors of advice that can help college freshmen. Living on campus will present to you several situations that you probably didn't think of or haven't prepared for. But you'll learn coping mechanisms for the same, just as well. Seriously you will. So take care of yourself and learn to enjoy college life.