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All About PTE Academic Scoring

Neha Aggarwal Jun 22, 2019
PTE Academic evaluates your test result by considering various components. There are mainly two types of scoring: Partial & Correct/Incorrect.

Correct or Incorrect

This is as simple as the scoring can get. If your response is correct, then you will get 1 mark, if it’s not you will end up with a zero.
  • Part I Speaking & Writing: Answer Short Question.
  • Part II Reading: Multiple Choice, choose Single Answer.
  • Part III Listening: Highlight Correct Summary, Multiple-choice choose single, Select Missing Word.

Partial Credits

Under the Partial Credit category, your response is not just right or wrong. There are three ways through which your questions are evaluated through a partial credit system, let’s take a look at them.

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Partial Credit According to Each Response

For each correct ‘response’, you get one marks while incorrect gets you zero. Say you get two correct for a question, that means you scored 2 on a question.

Part II Reading: Re-Order Paragraphs, Reading Fill In The Blanks, Reading & Writing Fill In The Blanks
Part III Listening: Fill In The Blanks, Write From Dictation

Partial Credit According to Skills

Another criteria on which partial credits are given is through evaluating various components and skills. The skills that are evaluated depends on the question type.
  • Part I Speaking & Writing: Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Re-Tell Lecture, Summarize Written Text, Essay
  • Part III Listening: Summarize Spoken Text

Partial Credits With Negative Marking

Don’t get alarmed because of ‘negative marking’. The minimum scores are still going to be zero. For example, if you gave 1 correct response and 2 incorrect then you will score 0 marks.
  • Part II Reading: Multiple Choice Choose Multiple Answer.
  • Part III Listening: Multiple Choice Choose Multiple Answer, Highlight Incorrect Words.