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Argumentative Research Topics

Are you looking for some argumentative research topics? Here is a collection of topic ideas.
Omkar Phatak Mar 20, 2019
Writing argumentative research papers or essays is a great way of sharpening and testing your analytical skills. In particular, if you are aiming for a career in journalism or law, your argumentative skills will be your prime weapons in making a solid case.

Tips on Writing Argumentative Research Papers

One important thing to remember is that an argumentative essay or research paper needs to be based on solid logic and it should cover all the relevant points of contention. You need actual data from reliable sources to support your arguments.
An excellent argument is one that takes every issue head on and bludgeons it with solid reason and facts. Last but not the least, your argumentative essay needs to be devilishly convincing.

Topics For College Students

While choosing argumentative topics, make sure that you have adequate resources for in-depth research into the chosen subject. It helps if the chosen topic is something of interest or something that you are passionate about. That also makes researching easier, as you are digging facts for a topic that interests you. Here is a list of topics.
  • Creationism Vs. Evolution: Is Belief Stronger Than Reason?
  • Is Global Warming a Calamity Induced By Humans?
  • Should Capital Punishment Be Abolished?
  • Was the Invasion of Iraq Justified?
  • Should Gay Marriages Be Legalized?
  • Is Our Taxation System Fair?
  • Is Invasion Into Privacy Through Law Enforcement Cameras Justified?
  • Does Our Education System Need a Major Revamp?
  • How Much Does Age Matter in Relationships?
  • Should Military Service Be Made Compulsory?
  • Athletes Are The Best Role Models For Youth.
  • Should Gay Couples Be Allowed To Adopt Children?
  • Effect of Excessive Use of Technology on Mankind.
  • How Much Should A Religious Authority Interfere In People's Personal Lives?
  • Communism Vs. Capitalism: Is There a Middle Path?
  • How Can We Cure Racial Bias?
  • Is An Open Relationship An Actual Relationship?
  • Stricter Laws Are Needed To Prevent Domestic Violence
  • Is Torture Of Prisoners of War Justified?
  • Are We Alone in The Universe? If Not, Why Haven't Aliens Contacted Us Yet?
  • What Should Be the Right Drinking Age?
  • Should Euthanasia Be Legalized ?
  • Do Television And Movies Promote Racial Stereotypes?
  • Should The Lands Of Native American Tribesmen Be Returned?
  • How To Cure The Racial Disparity In Criminal Prosecution?
  • Should Monopoly Be Allowed To Thrive?
  • Were Sub-Prime Losses the Only Reason For Recent Economic Recession?
  • Should Juvenile Criminals Be Prosecuted As Adults?
  • Should Records of Adoption Be Made Open, Instead of Being Sealed?
  • Should Tobacco Companies Be Sued For Smoking-induced Illnesses?
  • Should Surrogate Motherhood Be Banned or Brought Under Control of Law?
  • Do We Need Stricter Punishments For Child Sex Offenders?
  • Theism Vs. Atheism
  • Is the Creation of Artificial Intelligence Possible?
  • Is Time Travel Possible?
  • How Was the Universe Created?
  • Nature Vs. Nurture: Are there Bad Genes or Just Bad Upbringing?
  • Does Man Have a Soul?
  • Ayn Rand's Objectivism Vs. Socialism
  • Material Pleasures Vs. Simple Pleasures of Life
  • What Do We Exactly Mean By a 'Developed' World?
  • What is the Right Age to Start Dating?
  • Is Reaching Out to Aliens A Bad Idea? What If They Colonize Earth?
  • Is Boredom The Real Reason of Man's Decline?
  • Is Technology Making Us Increasingly Dependent and Lazy?
  • Can Sociopaths Be Treated?
  • Is Technology Disconnecting Us From Nature?
  • How Could We Achieve World Peace?
  • What is Real Happiness?
  • How Do You Define Crime?
  • What is the Purpose of Life on Earth?
Just look around you and identify the issues which you would like to passionately work on. Hope this topic listing has stimulated your imagination and triggered your thinking process.