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Arts Project for High School

Mukta Gaikwad Feb 9, 2019
The key to a creative arts projects for high school lies in picking up the right pieces of information. It is the approach towards the project that decides whether the project is going to be a boring or fun activity.
High school years are the most formative years of a child's life. These years mold the way they think and act. It is during this time that children develop their core personality. The friends they make, the books they read, the people they meet, and the places they visit, all make a subconscious mark on them.
As children spend most of their time at school, it automatically plays a big role in their adult life. As a matter of fact, we are in a constant process of learning.
In fact, growing up is an indefinite process of learning in itself! Subjecting teenagers to arts is a way of introducing them to various aspects of aesthetics and forms of beauty and knowledge. An effort as such can provide a crucial piece of information to child's later life, making or breaking a career path.


A Japanese art of paper folding, origami, involves folding the paper in intricate geometric shapes. This art of folding paper is not as difficult as it seems. Begin with simple paper folding like, making paper planes and boats. Increase the difficulty of items would make progressively.
You can make models out of origami for your science project, for instance, a plant kingdom or animal kingdom. Kill two birds with one stone with origami, as it would easily be your art cum science project!


Making items of clay such as pots, plates, pen holders, and paperweights are innovative ideas for high school arts projects. Pottery helps the child to build his/her hand and eye coordination. It teaches the child to observe finesse and details of art. Pottery also brings in a unique interest, in contrast to other mundane school projects!

Home Science

Home science projects involve knitting, embroidery, cooking and gardening. Although the phrase has 'science' in it, it teaches a child the art that goes into transforming a house into a home.
In this way, it inculcates the value of respect and gratitude towards home and family members. Often, in formative years these values are missed, as most teenagers turn to their rebellious sides. Having a home science project in the high school curriculum speaks good volumes about the school of the child.

Paper Mache

This is the most loved activity by kids of all ages. Anything from decor items to dinosaurs can be created out of paper mache. You can have the kids to decorate their classrooms with craft items made from paper mache.
To build friendship and averting groupism among kids, you can make this project a group project. It is essential to break up all groups to build new project teams.
The most important lessons of our life are never learned in classrooms. It was Mark Twain who said "don't let school get in the way of your education". When you are assigning a project to a child understand his/her interest and capability. Children are very sensitive, so every effort of theirs needs appreciation and motivation.
Even a hint of failure can leave behind some permanent scarring on their tender minds forever, probably even culminating into hatred toward a certain subject or person. Try not to overburden them with difficult and time-consuming projects. At the end, the project should have generated information and interest for the child.