Best Educational Practices

Best Educational Practices

Education, the word itself is a very extensive term. They say that we are in the process of learning, right from our birth till we die.
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Formal education is absolutely essential to pursue and excel in whatever you do in life. The methods and tools used to impart the best possible education in the available resources, refers to the best educational practices. Fundamentally, it is necessary to optimize the use of such tools and resources.

The Practices

The term 'best practice' is used to describe whatever works in a given situation or environment. So, it includes the maximum that can be imparted to the students by the teachers and the way teachers deal with the students and vice versa. It is nothing but cashing whatever resources you have and generating the best possible output. Here are some of the practices.

Parent Trap

It involves parents in the learning process of the children. Their involvement is extremely crucial for the children to grow intellectually. More active the participation of parents, faster the children will develop their academic acumen.

All Clear

It has been observed that, many of the high performing schools employ the use of clear goals and set targets, grounded on the belief that every child has the ability to learn and climb up the performance ladder. So a clear and common focus is absolutely a significant part of the process.

Home Sweet Home

Evaluating the homework or grading it can be of great help. When the homework is discussed upon by the teachers as well as the parents, it gets a different dimension altogether. By this, the children come to know where exactly have they erred, where they are good, and which are the areas they need to improve upon. A good comment from the teacher can boost their confidence.

Curriculum + Core Learning Expectations = Performance Enhancement

Spoon feeding should be completely avoided, if students have to be inculcated with challenging and rigorous learning. To involve them actively in the educational system, inquiry, assessments, and in-depth learning will be really helpful.

Direct Connection

Nothing can be compared to the good old educational practice of direct teaching. The characteristics of teachers employing this practice include clarity, task orientation, flexibility, and enthusiasm. It also needs active participation of students.

Out of Time

Effective management of time and accommodating a spectrum of the interests of students, teaching and non-teaching staff, is what top educational institutes are structured for. All the stakeholders viz., students, teachers, and parents should be addressed regularly, so that all are in sync and that eventually helps children learn more effectively.

These above mentioned practices are generic and are not specific to a particular institution or a group of institutions. Ultimately, it all boils down to what suits the best to a specific institution.
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