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Best Law Schools in America

Best Law Schools in America

If you really want to be a good lawyer, it's absolutely essential that you know about the best law schools in America. So let's find out which school is the best to kick-start your future in the law field.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Lawyers or attorneys are people who argue in court but may share a coffee outside it, and remember the jurisdiction of the United States like they remember their way back home. Indeed, lawyers are smart and talented people, but they obviously need the training to make them that good. That training can only be given in a reputed law school.

You would be shocked to know there were very few law schools during the early 19th century in the USA. People got employment in the legal system by reading law books and they were always under the guidance of an experienced attorney. In the 19th and 20th century, the US witnessed the emergence and rise of many law schools. Since then, American law schools have been the symbol of excellence the world over.

If you really want to get in a good law school, the two main requirements are, a Bachelor's degree, and a high score in the bar exam.

Best Law Schools in the US

If you have made up your mind to become a lawyer and are now looking for good schools to attend, here are your best choices.

Yale University
More than a million students apply to Yale every year, and 7% of them make the cut. This statistic can be discouraging for most students who are applying in one of the top law schools in the world, but it is a mark of your ability if you do get selected. Former president Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton are both Yale graduates.

Harvard University
You really need to work hard on your grades to get into Harvard. This great institution has a history of producing great lawyers. A 75 percentile is enough to make sure that you get a solid shot in Harvard. People who can't get in Yale can obviously try in Harvard, which is one of the best universities in USA.

Stanford University
Many people consider Stanford one of the toughest universities to get into. With their low acceptance rates, students find it really hard to get in Stanford. Stanford people are more interested in you-the-person rather than you-the-score-card. They judge your character to ensure that you deserve a spot in one of the top universities in USA. So make sure you got the right attitude before applying here.

University of California, Berkeley
The acceptance rate of UC, Berkeley is only 11% every year, which it makes it one of the most elusive universities in the United States. Yes, obviously it's tough, but it also has one of the most beautiful campuses, and the tuition fee is relatively cheaper.

So these were the best law schools in America. Always remember that good grades, dedication, and devotion are the three keys which can help you get into the top law schools. Best of luck!