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Campaign Slogans For Student Council Elections

Campaign Slogans For Student Council Elections

Enjoy the whole process of campaigning and put your heart into it. Once your slogans and your persona create a positive opinion in the minds of your fellow student voters, victory will follow! Here are some tips for formulating campaign slogans for student council elections.
Omkar Phatak
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018
Student council elections in colleges are good training grounds for the youth to test their leadership skills and be a part of a democratic process. One of the most important things that will largely impact your or your candidate's performance in an election is your campaign slogan.

In this article, my aim is to share some tips on how to compose campaign slogans and present some actual slogan ideas for your perusal.

A campaign's success largely depends on the charisma of the candidate and how well he puts his point across to the voters, through slogans, speeches and debates.

Tips on Composing Slogans

I have been a part of student council elections in my school and college days. Campaigning is indeed a very exciting experience and you are bound to enjoy every bit of it. Have a dedicated circle of supporters and advisers backing you, if you are a candidate. Get hold of creative people with whom you can brainstorm over the strategy, and who can help you with your campaign slogans.

A campaign slogan idea has to obviously be positive in every aspect. It should give hope to the voters and provide a vision of your plans for the future, if elected. It has to be short, crisp, and present a positive image of the candidate. Catchy campaign slogans will work for you. They could deal with the issues that you as a candidate would like to deal with. Funny slogans with a tinge of sarcasm are also a good idea. Let there be a central theme of your election campaign, according to which you decide on your slogans and poster ideas.

Slogans For Student Council Elections

Three of the most important posts in a student council are that of a president, secretary and treasurer. Here are some college and school campaign slogans.

Presidential Elections
The presidential elections are the most closely contested ones as it is the top post.
  • Vote For Change, Vote For (NAME)
  • Vote For (NAME) The New Hope
  • Choose Brilliance, Vote For (NAME)
  • Make a Difference, Vote For (NAME)
  • Let's Change Things, Vote For (NAME)
  • Vote For a New Order, Vote For (NAME)
  • Vote For a Paradigm Shift, Vote For (NAME)
  • Choose Awesomeness, Vote For (NAME)
  • Choose the Wise One (NAME) Vote For
  • Choose a Capable President, Vote For (NAME)
Secretary Elections
The second most important post is that of a student council secretary. Here are some good slogans for student council secretary elections.
  • Choose Excellence, Vote For (NAME)
  • Choose Dependability, Vote For (NAME)
  • Elect a Wise Man, Vote For (NAME)
  • Vote For a Radical Change, Vote For (NAME)
  • It's Time to Do the Right Thing, Vote For (NAME)
  • Vote For a Man of Action, Vote For (NAME)
  • Vote For Mr. Dependable, Vote For (NAME)
  • Vote For Peace, Vote For (NAME)
  • Vote For Honesty, Vote For (NAME)
Treasurer Elections
The third most important position is that of a treasurer. Here are some sample slogans for student council treasurer elections.
  • Keep Your Money Safe, Vote For (NAME)
  • Choose Reliability, Vote For (NAME)
  • Vote For Accountability, Vote For (NAME)
  • Keep Your Money in Safe Hands, Vote For (NAME)
  • Choose Better Financial Planning, Vote For (NAME)
  • Vote For Assurance, Vote For (NAME)
  • Choose the Scholar, Vote For (NAME)
  • Vote For a Better Future, Vite For (NAME)
  • Put Your Money in the Right Pocket, Vote For (NAME)
Use your imagination and compose the slogan in the simplest of words.
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