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Career Aptitude Test for High School Students

Career Aptitude Test for High School Students

Aptitude tests help students understand their skill and expertise in a particular domain. The article below will tell you all about career aptitude tests for high school students.
Tulika Nair
There are many people amongst us who have, since the age of ten, known what they have wanted to do with their life; there are others who are constantly confused and always changing their career goal. This is especially true for high school students who suddenly learn about the many options open to them, and whose decisions are sometimes influenced by their peer group. In such a case, it becomes important to take an aptitude test, which can help you learn what are the skills that you possess that you can use to decide which career would be suitable for you.

Importance of Aptitude Tests for High School Students
  • While taking an aptitude test, it is important to remember that aptitude and ability are not synonymous.
  • Aptitude tests and career quizzes for high school students only tell you what you could be good at. For example, it is completely possible that your aptitude test result may tell you that you would be a good actor, even if you have never thought of dramatics as a career option.
  • In high school, children are at an age where they are finalizing their career plans and deciding on which degree they should pursue in order to get their dream job. Before they take these important decisions, it is important that they understand where their aptitude lies and what are the skills that they possess which are underutilized.
  • Also, opting to take a career test can help those students who are completely undecided about what they want to do in life.
  • Most career tests are designed in such a manner that they have a set of questions that the student is expected to answer, which helps trained professionals deduce their aptitude.
  • The number of questions that they need to answer and the skills that are tested varies from test to test.
  • You can take these tests online, or choose to get a counselor to administer the test for you.
  • It is always better to get a counselor's advice before choosing a career test, as that will help you understand which is the best test for you.
Types of Aptitude Tests for High School Students

If you are taking an aptitude test online for free, then the possibility is that the test that you are taking is based on one of the three most common types of career tests. These tests for high school students are administered by many career counselors are well.

General Aptitude Test Battery
  • Designed in 1940, the General Aptitude Test Battery helps in understanding which occupation your talents are best suited for.
  • A vocational test, many counselors make use of this, even in corporate organizations.
  • This test compares the aptitude of the person taking the test with the established standards of success as noted by companies.
  • It checks your aptitude in verbal abilities, perceptive skills, numerical aptitude, clerical functioning, spatial awareness, manual dexterity, and motor skills.
Strong Interest Inventory
  • Another test that is administered quite often is the Strong Interest Inventory that was developed in 1927, by EK Strong to help people quitting the military find new jobs.
  • With a duration of only about 25 minutes, this test is also used by many employers to hire prospective employees.
  • This test can predict aptitudes by comparing your interests in things with people employed in specific professions.
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • This test is more of a personality test than an aptitude test.
  • However, understanding how an individual perceives the world around him and how it affects his decision-making abilities can help a counselor predict career aptitudes, making this a test that can be hugely effective.
An aptitude test can be informative and can guide you in selecting options for career planning, but it is important that these tests are not given complete importance. These tests just provide you with suggestions that you can use in order to decide on a specific career. Once you have taken a short career aptitude test meant for high school students, you can zero in on the career options that you have at your disposal. It is important though that you keep your interests in mind and do not get influenced by the test results alone.