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CatEight: A Powerful Platform for Online Enrollment

Monica Lin Oct 25, 2019
A powerful platform for online enrollment - CatEight, can help people to enroll different kinds of school with ease, including primary school, high school, college, university and so on. Through it, you can complete the whole enrollment process without hassles, such as fill in online application form, upload needed files, submit application case and so on.

Step 1. Fill in Application Form

Enter the Course Application section of CatEight then click on "Create a New Profile" to fill in the application form.
You will be required to provide your personal information: name, address, nationality, education background, etc.

Step 2. Upload the Needed Files

After completing the application form, you can go back to the Course Application interface then click on "Upload App. Doc." to hand in the required documents.

Step 3. Generate Document List

After filling the application form and uploading files, the system will generate a document list automatically, which will greatly save your time in managing files.

Step 4. Choose the Course/School that You Want to Apply

Now you can go to the "Proposed Courses" part to choose the courses you want to apply.
You can choose the course from "My Favourites", "Course Search" or "Course Guide". If you cannot find the wanted course on CatEight, you can choose to "Customise Course".

Step 5. Submit Your Application Case

At last, you can submit your application case via CatEight. Here, you have 3 submission options: submit to Agent, Request Pool or Institution. You can choose any one of them to submit your application case.