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Ideas for Decorating Classroom

Mayuri Kulkarni Oct 14, 2018
With a little bit of paint, glue, and lots of fun arts and crafts material, you can transform a classroom into a work of art. With a little guidance from this EduZenith post, you can conduct this DIY project on your own or when the kids need to liven up a dull day.
There are a number of elements that provides a comfortable learning environment for students. These include the bulletin board, the blackboard decoration, storage ideas, and so many more.
All these elements depend on the level of grade the teacher is teaching. But, a plain classroom with empty walls and simple doors can feel depressing at times. So, if the school gives you permission, you can use simple yet fantastic decor items to change the way your classroom looks.
As the decor ideas will differ from one teacher to another, each reflecting his/her own personal interests, the first thing you need to do is understand the scope; exactly where and what can you include in the project.
And no matter what your ideas may be, keep one thing in mind―in the end, the classroom should exude comfort and create a learning environment for the students.

Decoration Ideas to Implement

Classroom Walls

You can choose to paint the walls with vibrant shades that can brighten the whole ambiance; it's a good way to keep the walls from appearing bland. Apart from painting the walls, there are plenty of ways to decorate the walls in an informative way.
Have the kids make different types of posters that are both educational and charming to look at. But keep in mind that an overload of information can distract students.
Use wall hangings, calendars, pictures drawn by your students, and world maps as your decoration tools. You will get plenty of calendars with themes specially designed for classrooms.
Use an indoor thermometer to know the temperature of your classroom and label it as "What's today's temperature?". Lighting of the room is also important and see that you use proper light sources in your classroom. Decorate the classroom doors with posters showing subjects to be learned, educational tools, timetable, etc.

Classroom Bulletin Board

A classroom is incomplete without its bulletin board as it often works as the focal point. Hence, you should give special attention while decorating the board.
The board gives every student a chance to display his/her efforts, and hence, it should be placed in such a way that it is in reach of each student. You can even place a small ladder beside the board. Ensure that you take permission of the school and keep an eye on the students when they climb up the ladder, because it is a school safety issue.
Decorate the edges of the board in an attractive manner using different colors, papers, etc. Write inspirational sayings or quotes on its borders. Make different sections of the bulletin board, like science, history, literature, and geography.
This won't make the board look cluttered, rather, it will look quite organized. It plays an important role in developing self-esteem in students and hence, make sure you give your best while planning the board. You can also purchase bulletin board decorating kits that are available in some stationery stores.

Classroom Storage

This is a very crucial element that you should not neglect. All the school supplies required in the classroom should be easily available and hence planning the classroom storage is quite a major issue.
Use bookshelves painted in colorful pattern with various designs on them. You can make a small library section in your classroom , where your students will like to spend time reading their favorite books. Arrange for some cozy couch to be kept in this library, in any corner of the classroom.
Use area rugs to cover the flooring in this section. Place a table lamp in this corner to make the students feel more comfortable. Keep a basket near the bookshelves to keep stationery like pencils, erasers, sharpeners, glue, etc.
Hang grocery bags near the bookshelves for big books that do not fit into the shelf. You can even place some art pieces or science projects in the classroom. Keep indoor plants in the classroom corners.
Be yourself and come up with innovative ideas that reflect your personal interests. See that while using the classroom decorating ideas you don't go overboard. Keep it simple, pleasing to the eyes, and informative for the students.