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Classroom Decoration Ideas

Aparna Jadhav Oct 23, 2018
If you are a teacher or a student, and want to find some great ideas to decorate your classroom, take a look at the idea given in this piece of writing for some creative ones!
It's always fun to have a decorated classroom, no matter which grade you are studying or teaching in. In every school, it is always encouraged to have charts, pictures, stories, sayings, and many other things which are educative as well as decorative in the classroom. Here are some great ideas to help boost your creativity.
Every grade in school has a syllabus and pattern of study for that year. While going through that course, there are many things you learn, and many projects which you make. Putting up these projects and lessons in the form of models and charts in your classroom is a great way of displaying creativity.
Along with these ideas, you can implement many other innovative things by yourself. But in case you need help, read ahead to find out some easy ideas to decorate your classroom, with respect to your grade.

For Preschool

It is the teacher's responsibility to come up with decoration ideas for the classroom, as the kids are too young. Give your kids drawing and pasting assignments, and once they are done, you can display them around the class.
You can hang streamers with pictures of alphabets, numbers, animals, fruits, vegetables, cartoons, and toys around the class, as pictures are the best way to teach kids at this age. You can also have charts with nursery rhymes and stories written on them, so that it's easy for you to illustrate a story to them, when required.
Preschool kids are very curious about sounds, hence keeping a musical instrument or anything which interests them, can also be a great way of teaching.

For Middle School

Middle school involves kids in the age group of 10 to 14 years. At this age, kids study subjects like history, geography, literature, mathematics, and science. Thus, you can have a wide variety of decorative displays around the class. If science projects were held, then you can have them displayed on cupboards and tables in the class.
Maps and a globe can be used as educative geography decorations. Pictures of American presidents and great political leaders can also be displayed. Arts and crafts projects made by students are great as well, and to keep the students and teachers updated, you can have bulletin boards too.

For High School

Your high school classrooms have to be a bit more organized, systematic, and decorated in a very subtle yet mature manner. There is no need to use streamers, and bold colored juvenile posters around the walls and bulletin boards. You can decorate your high school class with simple posters with inspirational quotes and sayings by great thinkers.
You can bring about motivation in the classroom through these positive writings and thoughts. Important news and headlines can be put up on the bulletin boards, to keep the students updated. If there are notices from the management that need to be read, they too can go up on the boards.
Scientific formulae, math theorems, and important academic references which need to be looked up every time, like the "Periodic Table", should definitely be a part of the decoration.
With these basic and knowledgeable ideas, you can surely choose the way you would like to decorate your classroom. A bit of creativity added to all these ideas will definitely help in making your classroom even more interesting, and a pleasant place to study.