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Debatable Topics

A Conveniently-segregated List of Debatable Topics

An extensive list of debatable topics under different categories for students are given in this article. As there are various subjects to be covered, the topics have been segregated for your convenience...
Torque Earnest
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Elocution is one of the most effective ways to develop confidence and that is the reason why many educational institutions regularly hold debates. You will find an extensive list of debate topics categorized under different subheads in the following paragraphs. The topics can range from subjects related to your curriculum to the norms followed in the society. The subjects and topics we have presented in the article will create openness and approachability as far as your audience is concerned.
Art - an expression of the imagination or fallacy?
Can art be used for healing purposes or as therapy?
Can art hold any environmental impact or damage in terms of ethics?
Can performance art resonate with the public after the Internet age?
Does art imitate real life?
Downloading music without permission - can it be ethical?
Has Shakespeare's portrayal of women impacted how we perceive women today?
How can one form of art be termed 'priceless' than another? Who judges?
Is conceptual photography a form of art?
Is learning the history of art an affair for the elite?
Is rap music torture? Or does it qualify as art?
Is there are requirement for professional critics for art?
Should there be a purpose behind any form of art? For example: paintings.
Some Indian art has voluptuous effects. Is it purely as an expression or are there strong reasons behind them?
Was Elvis Presley really the 'King' of Rock 'n' Roll?
American reality shows - has America run out of original ideas?
Are cultural practices 'wrong' or do they define who we are as humans?
Are immigrants accepted in the U.S. only if the controversial cultural practices are not performed?
Can a certain society raise alarm/outrage over another cultures' customs?
Discrimination against women/culture/caste/status - is it just?
Does the evolution of culture change our old practices?
Female circumcision in Africa - culture or torture?
Ideology that men are higher achievers than women - is it still practiced?
Is the 'culture of death' domination over the 'culture of life'?
Should the world leave different cultures on their own and not meddle in?
Social networks - is this our recent culture?
The world of a Geisha in today's time.
What is just when one culture's custom is another's taboo?
What is the American culture?
Who decides certain cultural practices to be immoral/unethical/unscientific?
Apart from school curriculum, should parents/teachers/school make kids read books?
Are practicum and internship meant to serve the same purpose?
Are computer and video games really that harmful for kids?
Are there any negative or positive effects of peer pressure?
Can school uniform bring discipline in schools?
Can students decide which teacher they wish to study under or work with?
Does 'abstinence only' facilitate kids or make them rebellious?
Does bilingual education help kids compete for the future?
Is standardized testing helping kids learn better?
Should children be educated about homesexuality in school?
Should schools force school uniforms?
The difference in the education system across the globe - reasons?
What if there were no textbooks? Would we be interested in learning something new without them?
Which is better - homeschooling vs public School?
Why some students believe that summer is the best season of the year?
Can movies have profound effect on our souls?
Does anime and manga affect the youths of America?
Evidence of propaganda in children's' television shows/movies.
How do we decide whether a movie/television show is appropriate for certain ages?
Is America OK with the presentation of homosexuality on television and movies?
Portrayal of family today and 50 years ago.
Reading books is better than watching movies based on them.
Should celebrities be politically active?
Star Wars vs. Star Trek - who's the master?
Television and movies influence kids more than their parents/teachers.
Television/movies - is it the main cause of violence in today's society?
The existence of superheroes - do we need them in real life as well?
What constitutes as music?
What is the importance of public opinion in media?
Why is media censorship good?
Animal fighting - Yay or Nay?
Are there any advantages to nuclear power?
Does global warming affect animals?
Factors affecting overpopulation.
How does recycling affect environment?
How polluted is the U.S. drinking water?
Is global warming affecting the earth right now?
Is organic farming the answer we're searching for?
Is veganism or vegetarianism the right step?
Should use of biofuels be mandatory?
Steps taken to save the endangered species for our secure future.
The issues posed due to acid rain.
There are more chickens on the planet than humans.
What are the causes of overpopulation?
What are the current environmental issues?
Are our innermost emotions blocks or lessons?
Argument over whether cannabis should be legalized.
Distribution of condoms in schools - Yay or nay?
Do having friends and a social life determine the kind of life we will have?
Does television affect our intelligence?
Efforts taken to control noise pollution.
Giving birth with or without drugs. Which is better?
Is laughter really the medicine?
Junk food. How much is too much?
Self-inflicted starvation - the need to attain ideal weight based on age and height.
Should alcohol be banned? Or should we raise the age limit instead?
Should public funding be used for IVF treatment?
What are the effects of cell phone radiation?
Which is better? Naturopathy or homeopathy?
Women's abortion rights. Can a man have a say in it?
Are morals relative?
Do we actually have free will?
Dreams - Are they a link between real and imaginary worlds?
Family - How important is family?
How can homosexuality be maligned? Where is ethics in all this?
How do you define existentialism?
Is anarchism an admirable political ideology?
Is it possible for human beings to know everything?
Is matter the only reality we need to know?
Is there such a thing called 'absolute truth'?
Is there such a thing called 'just war'?
Our understanding of reality? Is it real or constituted?
Should sperm/egg donors retain their anonymity?
What to believe? Is there life after death?
Who really created the world? God or aliens?
Can gay celebrities alter the way society looks at homosexuality?
Can He see what the world has become today?
Can religious beliefs overrule government policies and laws?
Difference between spirituality and religion
Do angels or demons exist?
Does religion harm more than doing any good to the people?
How did different types of religions come to be?
Is Hinduism a religion?
Is there really a God? Is He a myth or reality?
Sadomasochism - Criminal activity or freedom to live as we please?
Should schools prohibit all religious prayers during school hours?
Should we all legalize polygamy? Will it make the world a better place?
The acceptance of spirituality. Is it the key to problems of our age?
What are the fundamental rifts between science and religion?
Will the war ever end between atheism vs Christianity?
Birth of AIDS. Where did AIDS come from?
Can reproduction raise ethical issues?
Controversy surrounding Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution.
Do scientists influence their results? Can they? Should they?
Does Zeno's paradoxes prove there's no real relative change?
Facts about global warming. Does it affect us today?
Is there life on Mars?
Should humans start colonizing space?
Space - Amazing and terrifying at the same time.
The effects and causes of ozone depletion.
The science behind smoking.
What are the pros and cons of natural gas?
What do we know about schizophrenia? Is schizophrenia hereditary?
Why does science deny the existence of God?
Will we ever have flying cars? Is it possible?
Are there any health benefits in yoga mudras?
Are there any sports that are homophobic?
Can certain sports rule be biased?
Do athletes feel pressured to give their best at all times? Do fans/parents/society/nation push them to the extremes?
How does playing sports affect our day-to-day lifestyle.
How strict should officials be with performance enhancing drugs.
Is Lance Armstrong a bad guy? Or did he just do something he couldn't control?
Should rowdy fans be barred from stadiums for life?
Sports in the U.S. Vs. sports in China.
Use of performance enhances. How has it changed the overall outlook of competitive sports?
What will happen if we move the Super Bowl to a weekday?
Which games should be eliminated from the Olympics?
Which games should be included in the Olympics?
Who's the greatest NBA player of all time?
Why are extreme sports necessary for us?
Debates open a forum for students to exchange ideas, develop their own ideologies and boost the analyzing power. These qualities are very essential for anybody who is in the learning process. Your audience will discover and come to know many things about life, people, society, mindsets, conventions, etc., and perhaps end up imitating trends.
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