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Debatable Topics for Research Papers

Looking for some debatable topics? This write-up will tell you about 25 debatable topics for research and also some tips while writing a research paper.
Neha Joshi Mar 2, 2019
"Don't take the wrong side of an argument just because your opponent has taken the right side." ~ Baltasar Gracian

"It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it." ~ Joseph Joubert
Current debatable topics are perhaps the most difficult to write on because you need to state both the sides of the debate and state which side you prefer and why. If you have a look at some list of controversial issues, you will see that a good debate can take place on all of them.
A helpful tip is to pick up debatable topics for essays that are more recent in their happening or occurrence. Another good option is to always pick up a topic that you have some information about. This might be simple, given that there are so many debatable topics for research papers, isn't it?

Tips That Might Help

Suppose, if you take up some controversial topics in America, you are bound to be judged more carefully than you usually would be, because here you aren't just talking about one person or situation or topics, but a lot of topics together.
On the other hand, you must also understand that the entire list of controversial topics will be good examples of debate topics. Remember, the more the opinions, the better the debate. Also remember that in your research paper, you need to give statistics and proper references.
Debate topics don't have any place for opinions based on fictional thinking. State facts and get proper citation. Here are some good debate topics that you can choose from and start working on immediately.

List of Topics

  • Are teen suicides more due to peer pressure or psychological problems?
  • Is there any huge difference between morals and ethics?
  • Are we conveniently ignoring the side effects of birth control or are we really conscious about them?
  • Are the reasons for illegal immigration justified? What steps should be taken to prevent it?
  • Are the arguments against gay marriages going to have any effect on their existence?
  • Is the entire list of human rights justified in all member countries?
  • Should the euthanasia laws be altered? Why?
  • Should sex education in schools be imparted earlier on?
  • Should charity be made compulsory?
  • Is home schooling a better option in today's world?
  • Is there life even after death?
  • Has outsourcing of jobs left less jobs for American citizens?
  • Who has been the best President of the United States? Why?
  • Is existence of peer pressure healthy?
  • Are virtual chat rooms really safe for teenagers?
  • Too much of television may hamper intellectual growth.
  • Are live-in relationships justified? Is marriage necessary for living together?
  • God: Myth or Reality
  • Are we all just going behind money or do we care about what we really like to do?
  • Life on Mars: True or False?
  • Should infidelity in marriage be forgivable?
  • Are real alien sightings really REAL?
  • Has the credit card been the major contributor to the problems in the US economy?
  • Is vegetarianism a complete diet in its own?
Now that you know these debatable topics for research papers, you can start preparing for one of them soon. Remember that debate topics are a form of persuasive speeches where you need to convince the other person of your opinions.
Of course, when you are dealing with controversial topics, your opinion should be backed up with facts and references. So, these were some of the unique debatable topics that can surely help you win that debate hands down.