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Intense Debate Topics Students Can Consider for Middle School

Debate Topics for Middle School
Researching for an attention-grabbing debate topic takes proper research and understanding of a particular subject. With this EduZenith post, we will help you narrow down the choices.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Why do I need to go to school every day? Why do I have to obey my parents and teachers? Why should I accept everything and anything that elders tell me? Well, we all have been through this phase, haven't we? Challenging authority, questioning and arguing with teachers and parents, being curious about everything new - all this comes naturally to pre-teens and teens. This questioning, curious and inquisitive spirit is what sets apart achievers from non-achievers, provided it is positively channelized. That's why its essential for teachers to plan certain learning assignments for students which make use of such qualities. And one of such learning tools is debating.
While participating in debates, students bring forth their ideas, listen to the opinion of others and then arrive at a definite conclusion over the debate topic at hand. While arguing on a subject, students learn to work in co-operation as well as improve upon their listening and speaking skills. Not to mention that doing an in-depth research helps in increasing their knowledge base and sharpening their grammar and vocabulary as well. Looking at all these benefits of classroom debating, all teachers should motivate their students to take part in them.
Topics to Consider
Media is responsible for the rise in criminal cases against the youngsters.

Plastic bags should be completely banned.

Should cell phones be allowed in schools?

Uniforms create an environment conducive to studies in schools.

Arguments against gay marriage.

Should music and art education made compulsory for middle school students?

Single sex classrooms or co-education?

Should homework be given to school students?

Sex education will bring down teen pregnancy cases.

Can social networking websites replace face to face interaction?

Are chat rooms safe for pre-teens and teens?

Is vegetarianism good for health?

Should there be a censor for Internet?

Should death penalty be banned in America?

Should the government invest more in alternative sources of energy?

China is the new threat to America's supremacy.

Outsourcing jobs has led to unemployment in America.

Should America withdraw its troops from Afghanistan?

Should the embargoes on Cuba be lifted by the American government?

Should Guantanamo prison be closed by the United States authorities?

Obama, Clinton, Bush - Who has been the best President?

Post recession, President of United States can no longer be referred to as the most powerful man in the world.

Taking up part-time jobs affects the grades of school students.

Vampires are as real as Santa Claus!

Harry Potter - The best in children's literature.

Studying and reading about things can not replace practical experience.

Egg came before chicken.

Life after death - Reality or myth?

Peer pressure makes a person realize his potential sooner.

Parents are always right.

Should middle school students wear makeup?

Beauty over brains or brains over beauty?

Teachers are essential for learning.

Education kills creativity.

Guys make better friends than girls.

Being famous or being content?

Retro music - Still a hot favorite?

People die, their spirits never do.

Human cloning should be permitted in the United States.

It is not unethical to eat meat.

Researching and collecting hard-hitting facts is the best way to approach a subject. Being able to understand a topic inside out will be your strength against other students.
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