Debate Topics

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Debate Topics

These debate topics should rile you up good when defending either a moral view, or going against something that you feel requires a voice or if you just plain want to express yourself. Find out which topics will work best when getting into a debate session…

Debates are a nice way of gaining a lot of knowledge and perspective on a topic, or situation that we aren’t either aware of, or haven’t really looked into in detail. It is a great way to get students interacting and throwing views and facts back and forth in a flurry, to get those brownie points in being the team that makes the most sense out of it all.

It also comes down to how moral a topic is and if it deserves one’s team to win, or if nominating the opposing team is right. So that is why debates should be done in fun and on a strictly informational platform. Here are some good debate topics that you must make a point to look into, that will help you find out so much more about what goes on around you, and also to help you understand about certain worldwide issues, both open and hushed up.

Tips on How to Give Great Arguments During a Debate

A debate requires one to use his/her debating skills, that encases the methods of knowing how to use words and wit to overcome an opposing team’s members. Here I’ve come up with helpful tips that you can use as a guiding tool when being part of a debate team.

Get Your Facts Right

Be it in journalism, entertainment or theory – you need to get your facts straight. It doesn’t matter where you get it all from, as long as they are reliable sources, with others you can look into, to confirm them as legit valid facts. So how would you know if what you have in material for a debate contains facts? Don’t just depend on the Internet, or one’s biggest mistake – referring to one website for all your information.

It just shows that you aren’t taking your work seriously, and are just opening up yourself to be more susceptible to someone pointing out a flaw in your method of research. Don’t get yourself backed up against a wall if someone were to question your facts – have a comeback that is solid and containing evidence of your list of resources. Refer to books, and make sure they are authors of a high degree, since their materials have reference notes and extensive research projects done on what they are covering. So know your stuff and get to the heart of the matter, by depending on a number of varied resources.

Imbue Confidence

It can be an unnerving experience to have to stand up to a crowd and throw back an opinion or argue over a certain point. You need to show that you are sure of what you are saying, and point out how flawed their comeback arguments were. The only way to do this is to thoroughly know your material before stepping into a debate session.

Know your statistics if any, your history and above all memorize names, dates and places. Make key notes to refer to, that will help you out by providing a crutch for what you need to say next. Don’t stammer, and level your gaze with your opponent or the rest of them when making a point that they all need to ponder upon. Faltering in speech and looking shifty eyed, will betray you. This helps the opposing team to take a chance to pounce, scoring them big ones in the process.

Keep Your Cool

By no means should you lose your calm demeanor – keep your voice firm and raised enough to sound composed, and not like you’re losing your head. A good team member knows how to keep his emotions in check as well as keep others under control in his/her team, should they tend to lose their cool as well.

Middle School/High School Topics for Debate

These middle school appropriate topics should help students pick out something interesting and catchy to be the highlight of a debate session. Let’s take a look at your options.

  • Should Marijuana Be Legalized?
  • Can the Effects of Global Warming Be Countered At This Stage?
  • Are School Uniforms Good or Bad?
  • Pros and Cons of Organic Farming
  • Is Recycling Strongly Imposed Enough?
  • God: Myth or Reality?
  • What Are Your Views on Population Growth?
  • Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?
  • 2012 End of the World: Is the World Going to End in 2012?
  • Is Drug Addiction Influenced by Others?
  • Is Bulimia Influenced by Models on Young Girls/Boys?
  • Pros and Cons of The No Child Left Behind Act
  • Are Magazines a Stronger Medium Than Newspapers?
  • Is It Important to Still Have the Olympics Conducted?
  • Arguments In Support of Globalization or Not
  • Would You Support the Idea Child Labor?
  • Vending Machines in Schools: Pros and Cons
  • Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished?
  • How Does Recycling Affect Environment?
  • Video Games Violence Effects of Violent Video Games
  • Is Homeschooling Effective?

Good Topics of Debate for Kids

With these topics for youngsters, you can be sure to really get things started, and help them interact with each other, as well as build up on their sense of expression.

  • Should Gambling be Illegal Worldwide?
  • Did the Rule of Saddam Hussein Hamper or Help the State of the Iraqis?
  • Is America Handling Economic Recession Well?
  • What Are Your Views on the Present Situation of the US Economy
  • Emotions as Blocks or Lessons?
  • Is Infidelity Inevitable In This Day and Age?
  • What is the Ideal Age for One to Start Dating?
  • Bilingual Education Pros and Cons
  • View on Unarmed Self Defense
  • Are Beauty Pageants Necessary?
  • Infatuation vs Love
  • What is the Importance of Public Opinion in Media?
  • How Can One Change the Teenage Smoking Scene?
  • Negative and Positive Effects of Peer Pressure
  • Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing
  • Does Advertising Equal Massive Brainwash?
  • Facts About Teen Suicide: Causes of Teenage Suicide

Debate Topics for College Students

These topics should spark some interest, if you’d like to try a hand out at using the following to start off your debate.

  • Arguments for Gun Control
  • Global Warming Effects on Earth
  • Morals vs Ethics
  • Bio-ethical Issues
  • Does Birth Control Support An Ethical Viewpoint?
  • Is Vegetarianism a Healthier Option?
  • Is Animal Experimentation Moral?
  • Express Your Views on Designer Babies Debate
  • Is Social Networking a Safe Environment for Kids?
  • Is Abortion Wrong?
  • Is Artificial Insemination a Good Way to Induce Birth?
  • Atheism vs Christianity

With these ideas I’m sure you’ll be able to whip up a storm, but with a calm head on your shoulders. Remember how and when to strike your opponent down, by knowing how to put your point/view forward by keeping all the above mentioned tips in mind as well. Go get em’!

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