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Demonstration Speech Topics for Kids

An Entire List of Practical Demonstration Speech Topics for Kids

This article presents some good demonstration speech topics, for kids exclusively! Have fun reading...
Hemangi Harankhedkar
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018
Little Boy in Class Showing dinosaurs During Show and Tell
In a demonstration speech, you have to talk while giving some kind of demonstration. Finding the right topic for kids is quite a challenge, because kids get quite fussy about the speech topics. The choice of topic for kids is also limited. Origami and drawing are two good topics. Most of the kids love drawing and crafts, and can demonstrate these without much effort. But I am not saying this is easy. A lot of practice needs to be done, and it is parents and teachers who need to put in effort.
Other topics are those that begin with 'how to'. These should be well written, and they are mostly written by parents, and then given by kids. The audience should be considered, and when writing the speech, the writer should think from the audience point of view. The audience should understand and assimilate whatever is being shown. But kids are lucky beings, and even the attempt to give a speech is appreciated by the audience. But still, best of effort has to be put in by parents to convince and prepare the kid for the D-day, the speech day.
The speech can be helped with some visual aids also. Any elder can handle the computer presentations, letting the child concentrate on the delivery. Other visual aids like charts, leaflets, etc., can also be used. For any tough cooking related topic, the demonstration should be carried out under adult supervision only.
Given below is a compilation of some topics for kids of 6-12 years of age. Hope you find the topics useful.
  • How to play snakes and ladders
  • How to make an eco friendly paper bag using old newspapers
  • How to make clay toys
  • How to clean hands
  • How to make an omelet
  • How to cut an apple into pieces
  • How to fold a blanket/towel
  • How to make a paper boat
  • How to tie shoe lace
  • How to ice a baked cake
  • How to ferment milk to yogurt
  • How to jump with a rope
  • How to draw a/an ________(simple things kids love, like flower, mountains, sun, etc.,)
  • How to make a sandwich
  • How to tie hair pony (for girls)
  • How to download computer games
  • How to care for your pet
  • How to add single digit numbers
  • How to make a flower basket
  • How to make a bird's nest
  • How to clean your room
  • How to use drawing stencils
  • How to remember alphabets
  • How to pack your school bag
  • How to wash your hair neatly
  • How to make salad
  • How to blow balloons
  • Cake decoration
  • How to cycle
  • A magic trick (Perform simple magic tricks)
  • How to play CitiVille
  • Creative ways to wrap gift
  • How to tie different types of knots
  • How to make lemonade
  • How to pop popcorn
  • How to make cake pops
  • How to make cute greetings
  • How to make a sand castle
  • How to make funny faces on eggs
  • Learning tables - an easy way
  • How to brush teeth
  • How to make your clothes dirty
  • How to pretend you are studying
  • How to get a temporary inking on your hand (using pen!)
  • How to eat without spilling
  • How to groom your toys
  • How to scare anyone
  • If I were an actor/actress
  • How to paint your own shirt
  • How to impress your bench mate
Some kids are able to produce different sounds, like that of a barking dog or a timid cat's meow. So this can be demonstrated through a speech. Kids these days are smart enough to use gadgets. Topics can be created taking this aspect into consideration. Take for example,
  • How to click photos with mobile
  • How to save a new contact in the mobile
  • How to play mobile games
These may sound weird speech topics for a kid, but remember kids these days are very smart. Such 'mobile topics' would not be allowed in any school, but can definitely be used on other casual occasions.
At the end, hope you liked this article. So, prepare your kid for the speech, and have fun. All the best!