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5 Easy Invention Ideas for Kids to Ignite Their Curiosity

Easy Invention Ideas for Kids
Kids are naturally inquisitive and show a great deal of interest in their surroundings. Kids absolutely love experimenting and making new stuff themselves. You can encourage them to invent solutions for improving the things around them.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Mar 23, 2018
In their experiments, kids often end up making funny looking stuff, which amounts to some kind of invention to them. Hence parents should never ridicule such inventions. On the other hand, they should encourage their children to invent something sensible. If you see a spark in your kid, always assist him in his new invention, who knows, he might be the next Einstein!

Kids are always overflowing with energy, however this energy should be harnessed for constructive work only. Encourage your kids to find solution to the physical problems that they face. Explain to them how mundane things inspire great ideas. Discuss with them why a certain idea may or may not work. This will help them to come up with practical ideas. You can often show them how to invent seemingly insignificant stuff, that might actually be useful in our daily lives. Here are a few easy invention ideas for kids.
Miniature Volcano
Volcano model
Making a miniature volcano is a fascinating invention idea for kids. It is useful to demonstrate how chemicals react with each other, to produce magnificent effects. Stand a soda bottle on a pan and cover the pan with soil, until the neck of the bottle. Make sure you don't let any soil inside the bottle. Now, carefully add some baking soda inside the bottle and then pour some vinegar. Vinegar reacts with baking soda to form carbon dioxide, which erupts as smoke, resembling a natural volcano.
Treasure Guard
Treasure Guard
Kids are very possessive about the collection of myriad things that they store in their 'treasure box'. In their absence, elders tend to take a peek in their treasure boxes. Many a time, other kids or siblings may also open this treasure box and pick something up. The poor kid might not even notice this perpetration for a long time. But here is an idea to let your child know if somebody checked his treasure box.
Put the treasure box in a drawer and attach an invisible string to the knob. At the end of the string, attach a small object like a piece of chalk or a toy. Hide the toy beneath the case and slightly hold it in a secure position. Now, when somebody opens the drawer, the object comes out and the kid will immediately know about the invasion.
Parrot in a Cage
Persistence of vision
As an adult you must be aware of the phenomenon of 'persistence of vision.' You can use this idea to explain the concept, to your child. Paint a picture of a parrot on one side of a cardboard and draw a cage on the other side. Rest the cardboard firmly on top of a stick or rod and rotate it very fast. Due to the persistence of vision, the parrot appears to be inside the cage. Kids find the whole idea very fascinating.
Magic Book
Flip book
Draw two objects on the first page of a book. On the second page, draw the same two objects but increase the distance between them. In the same way, gradually go on increasing the distance between the two objects, until the last page. Now quickly flip the pages of the book, the objects will actually appear to be moving apart.
Bookmark is an easy to make and very useful invention idea. Take a piece of cardboard and cut it into an attractive shape. Paint cartoon faces on the cardboard or any other design of your choice. This cardboard piece can then be used as a bookmark.
You can unleash the creativity inside a child, in number of ways. Stimulate his thinking by asking him to find out ways to improve an existing invention. Ask him what changes he would like to see in the things around him, and prod him to suggest ways of implementing those changes. Prompt him to think out of the box and pay attention to every single detail around him, because the brightest ideas are often inspired by the most frivolous things.