Education Grants for Women

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Education Grants for Women

An educational grant refers to a rebate given for the purpose of education. It is basically a financial aid, which is made available to those who show a keen interest in studies.

There was a time even in the most developed countries like USA, where women education was secondary to that of men. It was considered that women are an aberration of the normal, male sex. So the inferior treatment. This eventually lead to gender discrimination in education. And no wonder one of the greatest feminist writers, Simon de Beauvoir, said that ‘One is not born a woman, but becomes one’. So, from the time, they were not allowed any education, to the present era, where they are conquering new heights, thanks to their education and grit, the fairer sex has come a long way. A lot many things still have to be mended and in different arenas, and as mentioned, education is one of the crucial field.

In a way it is not a pleasing fact that, they still need to be given grants. On the other hand, it is an assuring fact that those who are capable of making a mark for themselves are facing obstacles on account of they being on a lower economic pedestal or being in the minority, but they are being given financial aid. Here are some of the grants which you can consider applying for.

Undergraduate Education Grants

Career Advancement Scholarship Program

The Business and Professional Women’s Foundation provides career advancement scholarship program for those, who do not have economic resources at their disposal to reach their educational goals.

American Association of University Women

It offers and awards grants to economically backward women. This organization also helps those who had to discontinue their education in order to raise their families or to work and earn money.

Jeannette Rankin Foundation

This foundation volunteers for grants and scholarships for women above the age of 35. And that’s only if they are facing a dire financial crisis, but still want to get a college degree.

National Black Nurses Association

Every year this association offers around 15 grants and scholarships to black women, who are pursuing or want to pursue a nursing program.

Education Grants for Single Mothers

There are a few educational grants for single mothers. Although this might sound unusual, but this is a fact that there is a provision of financial aid for single mothers. It is to be noted that these are ‘need-based grants’ and not merit-based.

Pell Grant

To avail this need-based aid, you need to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It offers rebate between $400 and $4400.

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

This is a need-based grant for students, who require financial aid for education. The lower limit is $100 and the upper limit is $4000.

State Grants

Some of the state grants include New York State’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) awarding up to $5000 to qualified New York state residents, Kansas Comprehensive Grants awards in the range of $100-$1100 to eligible Kansas state residents. Whereas, New Mexico Student Incentive Grant offers between $200 and $2500 annually.

Apart from these, there are grants for single mothers, which are given by private educational organizations and institutions. The federal grants also include education grants for unemployed women.

Scenario in Developing Countries

Grants are a major issue in developing countries like India as well. Of course, it is a pity that the country where many activists pioneered women education, requires grants to empower its women. In India and in many other developing countries like Africa, the government gives a number of grants for women interested in getting higher education. In fact, in India, the primary education is absolutely subsidized. Education for women is a significant issue in developing countries when looked at from a wider perspective.

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