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Educational Apps for iPad

Education-oriented apps on the iPad can be used to make your child's learning experience full of fun, more colorful, and interactive. You can also use some of these apps yourself in order to increase your knowledge base.
The Apple iPad is a marvelous product that has changed the technological world, and brought on a whole spew of Android running "iPadversaries" flooding the market. But the it still remains the most popular tablet around the world.

There are plenty of uses for an Apple iPad, and this flexibility, along with its enhanced portability, is what makes it such a vastly successful product for buyers. There is something on it for every single age group that appeals to people, and this fact certainly extends to the applications for kids as well. The App Store offers more than 300,000 great applications and games to pick from, and app developers have certainly seen this as a tremendous opportunity to reach out to children as well.

For Kids

One can find applications that are pertinent to certain situations, and ones that are connected to certain areas of study. Browsing through the app store will throw up plenty of downloadable options, and it is best to look at the most popular free and paid apps categories to find the most useful ones.

ABC AnimalsHelps kids learn the alphabet and animal names with wonderful illustrations and examples.
ArtAn interactive application that teaches a lot about various artists and painters over the centuries, and gives details about their best work.
Civilization RevolutionHistory buffs can use it to impart knowledge to their kids about the various civilizations of the world in a fun and interactive manner.
Clifford's BE BIG With WordsA word learning game, where Clifford and his friends paint out words in order to prompt kids to learn them.
Dictionary.comA large and comprehensive database of words that serves as a dictionary and a thesaurus as well.
Docs AnywhereA great application that lets you open, view and edit documents and spreadsheets of any format.
Free Spanish TutorIt teaches kids Spanish speech and letters in a very effective manner.
Grammar UpProvides a fun and interactive way for kids to learn grammar and its various uses.
iLibrary+audioA great collection of some of the best classics of literature. Audio reading out of the text is also possible.
iWrite WordsIt teaches kids how to write certain characters, by making them trace it out on the multi-touch iPad screen.
Math CardsOffers visual cards that help kids learn basic mathematical actions, and how they can be carried out easily.
Mathematical FormulasOffers simple explanations of basic mathematical formulas, and hence aids in the learning process.
NewspapersOffers the latest versions of some of the best published and circulated newspapers around, and encourages kids to start reading them.
On This DayA great history application that tells kids all important historical events that occurred on the present date.
Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky AstronomyAn Augmented Reality application that shows the night sky as you see it at the moment, and describes the various constellations in the sky.
Spell and Listen CardsWorks like real visual cards, and aids kids in learning how to recognize and spell certain words.
The Chemical TouchShows kids the Periodic Table of chemistry, and explains various properties of elements and explains basic chemical reactions as well.
Ultimate Guitar TabsOffers a huge collection of guitar tabs and chords, which serves as an excellent guide for aspiring musicians.
Word MagicHints and tips allow kids to fill in missing words in sentences, thus expanding their vocabulary.

Along with these, here are some more very useful ones that can be used for educational purposes as well.
  • Beautiful Planet HD
  • Cram
  • Flashcards Deluxe
  • Highlights Hidden Pictures
  • History: Maps of the World
  • iWork
  • Keynote
  • Pages
  • PI83 Graphing Calculator
  • Preschool Arcade
  • Preschool Music
  • The Elements: A Visual Exploration
All these educational applications can be used in any manner you want, and at whatever frequency. The knowledge that these impart can prove to be very useful for many young kids and older students as well. The wonderful screen and interface of the iPad makes it a great online learning platform, and this is something that can be seen when you look at what these applications are truly capable of.