Educational Computer Games for Preschool Children

Preschoolers will find it highly entertaining to engage in educational computer games, where parents and teachers will take delight in introducing it to them. Not only are these fun but extremely helpful in developing their young minds.
EduZenith Staff
Well, with the hullabaloo over the increasing violence in computer games and the adverse effects that they can have on children, parents are getting very apprehensive about their children's activities on the computer. However, there is a wide variety of interesting, safe, and educational ones for children which can be provided to them right from their preschool days. This wide variety of games can actually assist your child's development at preschool as he/she is introduced to the world of numbers, alphabets, and shapes.
What are Educational Computer Games?
These are simple computer games that can assist children with their development skills including introduction to numbers, alphabets, shapes, and even color coordination. They are a great way for parents or pre-schools to pique children's interest in the learning process since computers fascinate most of the kids.
About Preschooler Educational Computer Games
These games offer kids with an opportunity to indulge in various activities related to math, art, music, language, and many other skills. He/she can indulge in reading games, maths, puzzles, coloring, and even music. Also available are preschool educational software kits that include a number of games and activities, like reading, math, or even coloring pages. Such software kits are excellent for preschool owners as well as parents who want their kids to enjoy the benefits of these software at home.
Where to Get Education Games for Kids
You can pick them up from any reputed store. In case you have difficulty in finding enough options in the nearby store, just log on to the Internet and there are a number of educational games for preschool children that you can either download or purchase. There also exist a number of websites that offer free downloads of games that can be played online.
Safety First
There is no harm in introducing preschool kids to computer games as long as you ensure you are picking out non-violent, safe, and simple ones that will not only be fun for your children but also be a useful learning tool. The only thing to keep in mind is to restrict the usage time and supervise the activity.
How to Not Habituate the Use
You can ensure that your child doesn't get addicted to the games by combining them with some other activities. Restrict the time your pre-school child spends on this game and most importantly sit with your child throughout the whole time. Also the simplest way to avoid addiction is following the rule yourself, if the children see you glued to the computer every now and then, it is natural for them to pick up after you.
Educational Games for Kids
Now that we have got your basic doubts cleared, let us move on to a more interesting portion in this topic. Yes, the actual games. There are fun games, reading, coloring, and many other options to choose from.
Dragon Tales: Learn & Fly with Dragons
A fun game based on the cartoon series, this one is ideal for preschoolers since it tests the kids with a fair amount of practice with colors, shapes, logic, and early math skills. Plus the colorful flying dragons are a fun concept that your kids will surely love. There are attractive graphics and easy game play. There are multiple difficulty levels available as well.
Dr.Seuss Reading Games
These include different reading levels complete with two storybooks and five additional educational activities. It is a really interesting game and an excellent way to inculcate the habit of reading at an early age. It also includes an introduction to basic alphabets designed for beginners and teaches the students the art of reading by making the connection between sounds, symbols, and words. One of the most popular kids' books- The Cat in the Hat includes games and activities on every page. The interactive storybooks in the it include various options for the kids to interact with the characters and objects.
Curious George Preschool Learning Games
This is a great series of arcade games that will take your child on a fun learning expedition with curious George. It requires listening and critical thinking skills that will enable your child help read better as well. It will help your children with exploration of interesting patterns, shapes, and having fun with letters.
Dally Dinosaur Teaches Numbers
This is a simple yet fun game that will teach your children to count from one to ten. It includes searching for matching numbers and counting objects in a scene. The friendly Dinosaur Dally Doo helps the kids play with numbers! The drag-and-drop features in it are extremely convenient and easy for the kids to use.
How to Choose Educational Games
  • If you are purchasing a CD of the game, make sure you check the recommended age limit mentioned on the cover.
  • If you are downloading it or planning to let your kid play it online, make sure you are on a safe, kids-friendly as well as computer-friendly, website.
  • Choose easy to play ones that do not require advanced computer skills. Pick one with a clean and easy to use interface.
  • If your child is having difficulties at specific tasks, pick one that would help him/her to overcome the problems in those specific areas. For example, if the child has difficulty with math, pick a number game or if he/she simply doesn't love reading pick out a reading one.