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Educational Games for Middle School

Sujata Iyer Oct 6, 2018
There are a number of educational games to choose from, to liven up the dull atmosphere of your middle school classroom.
It's quite possible that you, as a middle school teacher, may sometimes get bored of the daily routine of teaching and testing your students. Moreover, the students would feel the same too. Read on to find some great educational games that can be real fun!

Fun in English Class

What's Wrong?:

In this game, write a list of sentences on two boards with intentional errors in them. Divide the class into 2 teams. Ask one person from each team to come up and spot the errors. Time them for a minute or two, depending on the number of sentences given. The team to spot the maximum number of errors in the given time wins.

Spell Me Right:

Prepare a long list of tough spellings. For this game, you can divide the class into more than two teams, probably according to the number of rows. This game must progress very quickly. Starting from the first student in each row, ask them to spell out, orally, a difficult word from the list.
Not more than 2 seconds should be given per student, to think of the spelling. Have an assistant maintain the scores on the board. The team with the highest number of correct spellings wins!

Amusement in History Class

Roam in Rome:

Who said Rome was not built in a day? You can build Rome in one history class! Yes, using Roman history, ask your students to enact the whole building of the Roman Empire or any other major empire from your history textbook!

Event Management:

Select any 4 major events in history. Prepare riddles and clues about those events. Distribute these events among the 4 teams. The team that guesses the event first wins!

Excitement in Geography Class

Map it Out:

Select one location in your school. It could be the playground or the entrance or even the main corridor of the building. Ask your students to draw a map of that location. The student who has the most accurate version (yes, there will definitely be mannnnny versions) will win the game.


A classic game for geography class. Have a list of all the states and capitals (or countries and capitals) ready. Again, divide the class into teams and color code them.
Now comes the tricky part. Instead of asking the students to name the capital, you read out the capital and ask one student from each group to name the state or country to which it belongs! For each correct answer, mark the state with the color code (without showing the class). The team with maximum states wins!

Entertainment in Math Class

Turn the Tables:

Divide the class into teams. Randomly pick any students and ask them dodging tables. 3 seconds is all each student should get to answer the questions. No pass over questions. Maximum right answers earn the winner's trophy (or whatever the prize may be).


Make 4 teams. Ask one student from each team to come up to the board and solve the same fraction (that you've written 4 times on it). The fastest solver gets the points. Continue this with the entire team (meaning entire class). The team with the highest points, obviously wins the game!
These were some great educational games that you can try out with your middle school students. Try them together with other fun school activities and you'll come one step closer to being the favorite teacher in school!