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Popular Educational Toys and Games

Popular Educational Toys and Games

Using educational crutches during a session is helpful for kids who want to have a little fun while learning. Discover ways on how you can use fun in the classroom.
Uttara Manohar
The process of teaching children should never get monotonous and boring. Perhaps that is the reason for the mushrooming of innovative educational games, that not only aid the learning process, but also make it fun for the kids.

Most-loved Educational Games
Some of these games/toys are for preschoolers, where others can be used for older kids.

1. LeapFrog ClickStart My First Computer

This is a great attempt to introduce children to computer learning. This educational set helps them learn basic computer skills and other fun preschool activities. It is connected to the TV to help you introduce your child to his very first computer, and monitor the experience.

2. Think Blocks

Think blocks are another great educational toy that practically teaches your child how to think. The four main skills that the think blocks help instill are:
  • Learning to point the contrasting characters between similarities.
  • Understanding the concept of systems thinking or part-whole structures.
  • Promoting relational thinking, which means recognizing associations, and cause-effect relationships.
  • Encouraging perspective thinking or teaching to eye things from multiple perspectives.
3. Lego

Lego is perhaps one of the most popular toys of all times. Lego bricks are nothing but colorful interlocking plastic bricks, which also come with a variety of accessories that can be assembled in many ways. This game not only encourages the creative mind to construct various new objects, but also keeps kids occupied and interested.

4. Children's Microscope

A children's microscope is perhaps a very educating and engrossing toy. Although it won't provide higher resolution like the actual microscopes, it adequately zooms into various surfaces, which helps children explore new things everyday. Children can also make their own samples of soil, leaves, swimming pool water, and so on, to examine these under the microscope. If you think your child is a scientist in the making, make sure to get this one.

5. Piano Made Easy

All the educational toys need not be restricted to math, science, or language skills. Some of these games also help children explore their interests in various arts like music, dance, pottery, painting, and so on. The Piano Made Easy game comes with an instructional CD, and helps children explore their interest for music. It provides kids an interactive and fun experience of learning the piano. A must-have for children who love music.

6. Discovery Whodunit? Forensics Lab

This is an interesting game for kids to explore the field of forensics. In this game, children can actually conduct their own tests on samples of hair, blood, and fibers. This at-home forensics lab is a product offered by the Discovery Channel. In addition to this, there are several other options like Discovery's fingerprinting lab and chemical lab, which are just as interesting as this one.

Benefits of Using Such Games
Enhancing the Learning Process: Educational toys enhance the overall learning process, at times by visual aids, or at times by making educational concepts easier and more entertaining. Educational computer games also help enhance the hand-eye coordination of kids, and also help introduce children to technology. For example, instead of teaching science concepts from the textbooks, the children can indulge in games like Mechano or Mr. Scientist.

Keeping Children Engrossed: At times, when children need to be taught more complex concepts in the classroom, educational toys can be of great help to pique their interest. Simple as well as complex topics that might seem a little boring or monotonous can be made fun by incorporating these tools. For example, many children find it difficult to take interest in a math class. Teachers can use fun number games to help make the class more interesting.

Entertainment and Education: Education should never seem monotonous or boring. Children should be able to explore concepts, generate ideas, and discover the joy of learning. They can grasp maximum knowledge only when they are enjoying what they are learning, and educational games are the best way to combine education and entertainment.