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Intelligent and Plausible Excuses for Missing Class

Indrajit Deshmukh Mar 3, 2019
If you are fed up with run-of-the-mill excuses for missing class, like "I have a headache" and "My cat died", why not try something new? Here are a few tips to make new excuses.
Almost everyone feels like bunking class at one point or the other in their life. There is nothing wrong with it; just come up with a good excuse for not attending. Giving a plausible excuse is necessary, but the way you present it is also important.
For example, if you have a grin on your face while telling your professor that you can't make it the next day, as your grandmother is in the hospital, it won't fly. Over-the-top excuses for missing class in school, like "I was abducted by aliens", only sound good in Hollywood movies, and not in real life.
The trick behind making a compelling excuse is to make one that the listener can identify with, and attracts their empathy, even if they don't understand. One important thing you need to remember is that you are not Christopher Columbus of giving excuses. There have been several others before you. Here are few suggestions to jog your mind.

Sympathy Vote

One of the best kinds of excuse is the one that appeals to the sympathetic side of your teacher. If you can recollect your teacher sharing an emotional episode about their pet, let your excuse be something to do with a pet animal. Let us see some samples.
» "My sister's pet dog, Bruno, is drooling blood, so we need to take him to the vet."

» "The caretaker called, saying my grandmom slipped, and has broken her hand."

» "I have a bad case of food poisoning, and can't get out of the house without puking on myself."
» "The remote-controlled garage door malfunctioned and fell, injuring my shoulder badly."

» "My mom got hurt when she was using the microwave to make me a snack."

Cool Excuses

At times, you can merely make up a cool excuse. It has to be an effortless matter-of-fact notification to the professor, which does not make you appear desperate. There are several such ideas. Let us see some examples.
» "I shall be missing class, as I've got tickets for the Metallica concert."

» "I am going for the So You Think You Can Dance? auditions."

» "My dad has finally agreed to buy me the new convertible, and I'm going to the car dealer."
» "I have been invited by a local charity, to discuss youth issues."

» "I won a radio quiz, and am going skydiving as part of the prize, along with a local celebrity."

» "A TV show producer called, and wants me to audition for one of the support roles."

Imaginative Excuses

Being different is one of the best ways to get out of class, and enjoy some free time from the drudgery of studies. Let us see a few suggestions that will help stimulate the gray matter.
» "The local office of the Democratic Party called, requesting me to go and answer a few questions for their survey."

» "I am out with a priest and other church members, planting trees to save the universe."

» "The police have called me down to the station as a witness in one of the crime scenes that occurred near my house."
» "I shall be missing class for a few days, as I am going on a cruise to the Caribbean."

» "I was backing out of the driveway, and ran over the neighbor's kid. Now, I'm taking him to the hospital."

» "I just witnessed a murder, and am giving a statement to the police."

» "My doctor thinks I have cancer, and has called me for some diagnostic tests."
The reasons behind wanting to miss class can be innumerable. Just make sure that you come up with a believable excuse. If you are giving the excuse over the phone, make sure your tone and choice of words is proper. Otherwise, you are at a risk of getting caught.