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A List of Extracurricular Activities You Need to Bookmark Right Away

Extracurricular Activities List
Are you searching for after-school activities that students of different age groups can participate in? Well then, here's an write-up on extracurricular activities list that can be of some help. Check it out...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Jan 7, 2019
When students, in high school and university, involve themselves in extracurricular activities, they tend to develop certain skills required in those fields. Working on their individual talents and interests helps them become an evolved student who not only pays attention to his/her education, but also holds an interest in other things.
Apart from the extracurricular activities benefiting a student personally, they look quite interesting in their college applications. Along with educational background, these applications also stress on various other achievements.
There are hundreds of students in school and they all possess a unique quality. These extracurricular activities are something that will set you apart from the rest of them.
Students should be given ample opportunities to develop other skills that will some day, help them in their brilliant futures. Keeping this in mind, we have made a list of extracurricular activities in this post.
Benefits of Extracurricular Activities
There are various schools, government and private, that focus on bringing different concepts of educating students. In today's times, a student who has only the literal knowledge isn't enough as he/she has to compete with not just his/her peers, but the entire world.
Each year, high schools and universities get international students and this makes getting ahead that much tougher. Whether extracurricular activities are to be looked as a way to take kids one step forward or just to develop themselves as an individual is up to their parents/guardians.
But nonetheless, its importance is must. Before we look at the activities' list, why don't we go over few benefits of the same.
Any kind of extracurricular activity a student takes part in, it reveals a great deal about who they are. It demonstrates where their interests lie and their commitment levels.

★When a student balances school and other activities together, it shows that he/she can manage time and also learn about what are his/her priorities.
★ A student's intellect and knowledge of the outside world increases due to the extracurricular activities.

 ★ Students' self-esteem increases, they tend to take on more responsibilities in the future, and can also help other students get involved.
★ Extracurricular activities brings students together and reduces the feelings animosity. Different students from various ethnic backgrounds come together and work as a team.
List of Interesting Activities in School
There are various types of extracurricular activities students can get involved in. The two main categories are - academic and athletic. We have divided our extracurricular activities' list into these two categories. Take a look.
Academic Extracurricular Activities
  • Art Club
  • Band Camp
  • Biology Club
Two girl making a chemical experiment
  • Chemistry Club
  • Debate Team
Six kids in stargazer costumes with telescope
  • Drama Club
  • English Club
  • Field Trip Committee
  • Foreign Language Club
Cheerful volunteers
  • Green Club
  • Honor Roll and Merit Roll
  • Industrial Art Club
  • LHS Leadership
  • Math Club
  • Mentorship
  • Model United Nations
  • National Honor Society
  • Post Secondary Option
  • Red Cross Club
  • School Newspaper Staff
  • Scholarship Club
Three young girls studying volcanoes
  • Science Club
  • Summer Library Club
  • Student Council
  • Voluntary Work
  • Yearbook Staff
  • Youth Leadership
Athletic Extracurricular Activities
Archery Club
  • Archery Club
  • Baseball Team
Members Of Male High School Basketball Team
  • Basketball Team
  • Bowling Team
  • Cheerleading Squad
  • Cross-Country Team
  • Dance Club
  • Drill Team
  • Field Hockey Team
Boys And Girls In Elementary School Soccer Team
  • Football Team
  • Gold Club
  • Gymnastics Team
  • Hockey Team
Indoor sport
  • Lacrosse Team
  • Martial Arts
  • Rowing Team
  • Rugby Team
  • Skiing Club
  • Soccer Team
  • Softball Team
  • Swimming Team
  • Tennis Club
  • Track Team
  • Volleyball Team
Water Polo
  • Water Polo Team
  • Wrestling Team
  • Volunteer Athletic Trainer
School administration, teachers, and parents can help students pick either academic or outdoor activities according to their preferences. The extracurricular activities list mentioned here should be considered as a guideline or a kind of suggestion.