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Fast Facts About Excelsior College

Further your education by getting a degree from Excelsior College, a not-for-profit regionally accredited online institution.
Modern Times May 18, 2019
Excelsior College is a not-for-profit college, fully focused on aiding students to further their education. Furthering your education not only leads to getting a better job, but you can also increase your pay and broaden your professional horizons.

Excelsior college allows you to better yourself while managing your family life with extensive online programs.

Broad Range of Program Options

Excelsior College offers a broad range of programs including associates, bachelors, and masters programs. These programs are regionally accredited and recognized. Programs are available in history, humanities, liberal arts, social sciences, psychology, and natural sciences.

Graduate Career Advancement

Even if you’re already focused on a career path, Excelsior college can encourage career advancement with their degree programs. 52 percent of Excelsior graduates experiences career advancement up to a year after they completed their program.

Graduate Pay Increases

It is a known fact that employers appreciate employees who are inclined to advance their careers by going back to school. This often leads to a pay increase. In fact, 61 percent of Excelsior graduates reported pay increases up to a year after they’ve completed their program.

Age Diversity

You’re never too old to go back to school. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be busy with life, which is why choosing an online program may be the best choice for you. The average age for an Excelsior Student is 36.7 years old. Students aged 30-39 make up 38 percent of Excelsior’s student population, and 40-49 make up 25 percent of it.

Center of Excellence in Nursing Education

Excelsior College was named a center of excellence in Nursing Education for the past 15 years. Excelsior College offers an associates degree, a RN to BS, and a RN to MS degree program. You can work your way up the ladder or go straight for the top-tier all from your living room.
It doesn’t matter how hectic your life can get, you can always make time to go back to school when you enter a program at Excelsior College. Sign up today and further your career.