You Gotta Try These Fun Ideas for a Perfect School Spirit Week

Fun Ideas for School Spirit Week
The school spirit week is almost upon you, and you need some ideas for what kind of themes and activities to hold? Here are some great ideas on doing exactly that.
EduZenith Staff
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Handy Tip
To ensure that the entire student fraternity participates in the spirit week, choose 'dress up' themes that are simple, easy, and not extravagantly costly.
There probably is no better way than a school spirit week to celebrate the spirit of being in school, of being young, of having a carefree life without responsibilities. And with 'fun' as its central theme, there is little wonder that the students are always on board―may it be at college, high school, middle school or junior high. Though many associate a 'spirit week' as something related only to sports, that is definitely not the case. A spirit week is sooooo much more―it's a week-long celebration, complete with themes, dress ups, activities, competitions, shows, and a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Though in most cases these celebrations are held over a week, with a different theme to take up everyday, many schools also host a spirit day as opposed to a spirit week.

In this EduZenith article, we will bring to you some of the best ideas that you can look into when planning a spirit week at your school.
Unique Spirit Week Ideas
The 'Dress Up' Themes
The sentiment behind a spirit week is to unite the entire school body and bring them together to have fun and engage in friendly competitions. To that effect, it helps to have certain themes for dress ups put in place. Think about it, what better way to feel like you're a part of a group than when you're all dressed in the same style?
spirit week themes
Red Shirt-Blue Pants Day
Red top, blue bottoms. Always a hit. You can use a combination of red and black as well.

White Shirt-Blue Jeans Day
And speaking of hits, why leave behind the killer, classic combination of a crisp white shirt and blue jeans? Win.

Wacky Hair Day
Gel it, spike it, color it, add glitter, make it stand―there's so much to do with the hair, you must understand.
'Wear Your Pajamas to School' Day
Oh yes, the ones with the teddy bears on them? Get them out and wear them proud.

'Dress like a Goth' Day
Black clothes, heavy makeup, black nail paint, black lipstick... you're done.

'Wear Rainbow Colors' Day
Red T-shirt, blue pants, green headband, blue satchel, yellow sock, violet sock, orange cap, indigo jacket―a walking talking rainbow, ladies and gentlemen.
'Pin a Mustache' Day
As simple as it sounds―cut out a handlebar 'stache from cardboard and stick it up. Then giggle through the day.

'The '70s Theme' Day
Bandana and boot pants, flower patterns, curly hair, platform shoes―make the '70s come alive with the garb.

Cowboy/Cowgirl Day
Get your western attire on and how! Cowboy boots and cowboy hats to match. Checkered shirts with blue jeans. Don't forget to add a lasso to complete the look.
'Dress like a Character from a Book' Day
Pick a favorite character, any character, and then go all out to look like them.

Formal Dress Day
Dress in your Sunday best, suits and formal dresses, hats and headgear to follow.

'Dress like an Animal' Day
Pick an animal, dress like it, and then go the extra mile and use paint to help you.

'Sports Outfits' Day'
Dress in the garb of your favorite sports players. Go the extra mile with accessories to match.
Hat Day
So many hats, just one head. Find a pair you want to sport and make it look even more dapper with your outfit to match. Or or or, change a couple of hats all day. Who's saying you can't?

'Inside-Out Clothes' Day
Choose anything, just about anything, and wear it inside out. So much fun.
Activities to Undertake
While dressing up in itself is fun, bringing activities into the mix is a sure way of getting the students more involved and upping the fun quotient. We start out with the real simple activities to get students in the groove of the spirit week. Here are some simple, fun, and easy activities that you can try.
spirit week activities
Decorate the Door
Ask them to decorate the classroom door. That's about it. Give all the classes a common theme (like 'Winter', for example), divide the competition between different age groups, provide them with the materials required, and then watch them come up with one awesome design after the other. Don't forget to announce the winner.
The Fashion Parade
This one is an absolute must. They come in all dressed up everyday in different costumes and themed dresses, and you're going to let that go to waste? Absolutely not. Build a makeshift ramp somewhere on the campus and hold a fashion parade every afternoon. Not only will it allow them to showcase their costumes, but the cheering from the entire student fraternity while they are up there will encourage them to continue taking part in the rest of the week's events.
Declare a Winner
Along with organizing a fashion parade everyday, also announce a winner(s) of the day―the person who wore the costume best. This will further encourage the students to participate in the competition.
Charity Events
There are several schools that make the most of the spirit week and combine charitable activities with their themes. The idea is to be able to give back to the community in some way or the other, and with the students already in high spirits, all it takes is a little planning. Here's one way of going about it―for every day that a dress up theme is held, you combine a charitable activity with it. Think about holding activities like a bake sale, a car wash, selling mints, or donating to an animal shelter (for 'Dress up as an animal day') or donating to an old age home. These are some of the things that you can consider doing.
Sports Events
Another great way of encouraging students to participate in the spirit week is to hold sporting activities. Think of simple games that everyone can participate in like tug of war, pie eating contests, sack race, relay races. These are a great hit with all age groups.
Singing and Dancing Competitions
And of course, there are the dancing and singing competitions. Hold auditions and turn these into a two-day grand event. A great way to showcase your talent while having fun, won't you say?
With these great spirit week themes and activities ideas for you to look into, there is no doubt that you'll plan a superb spirit week. All you have to do is get into the groove and enthrall your entire school with the awesomeness that will be unleashed.