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Fundraising Ideas for College Clubs

Hemangi Harankhedkar Mar 12, 2019
Your fundraising ideas should fulfill their main aim - money generation. Read on to find out about some great ideas...
Empty are my pockets, but my heart is full of dreams. Perfect words to describe a collegian. These are the years when the desire to do something extraordinary, something out of the box, is at its peak! The story behind the formation of each college club is different.
Sport lovers form a sports club. Book worms in the college, a book club, and animal lovers, an animal's club. There are also laughing clubs, political clubs, and environmental clubs in colleges. Or it can be a normal college club that deals with the college issues. Whatever be your club motto, you need money to run it.
Personal allowance is not enough to afford a girlfriend, let alone running a club. Don't worry, fundraising comes as a savior. Organize some cool events, and your club will overflow with money. Cool events is a good idea, but to organize one, huge money is required. Take a look at these 'minimum investment required' ideas for college clubs, exclusively.

Fundraising for College Fraternities

Stunt Biking

Yes. People love watching live action, and you would also get a chance to show your biking skills. Even outsiders can participate. I assure you, you will find lots of people willing to perform for free.
People like to show off their skills! Keep an amount for participation as well as for being the audience. Do not forget to use all the safety equipment like helmets and padding. Cool idea, isn't it? You just need to be sure about the location. It should be some far away location away from all the traffic.


Organize a walkathon, and charge a minuscule amount for participation. Target the health conscious people around you for this event. If you advertise some cause, there is a greater chance of people participating.
The winner would be given the title of "best walker". To get the award and the recognition, people will register in hordes, and you will generate funds in tons!

Cycle Race

Similar to a walkathon, organize a 'cyclothon' for adults and kids. A distance of 5 to 10 miles can be kept. Seek the help of your college authorities to take permission for the race organization.
People will surely participate, cycling being a healthy and fun activity. And who wouldn't like to be called the best cyclist in town? Cycle your way to funds.

Organize a Quiz

There is nothing much to do to organize this event. You just need to hire a place or can also organize the quiz at some public garden. You could also use the college hall if permission is given. Charge a small amount for participation.
Once the registration for the quiz is done, categorize the people into groups, and then organize the quiz. A similar idea is organizing some speech or debate competition.

Involve Kids

Make kids your target. Bursting and blowing the balloons, kids' soccer, and some computer games are good games for kids. Another idea is organizing some fashion show or fancy dress competition for the kids.
Organize these events at one location, and keep an entry fee. These ideas work amazingly for fundraising. Because, games and anything colorful is irresistible to kids, and parents are left helpless!

Sell Plants!

This is the best way to generate funds with minimum investment. Ask each of your club member to grow some plants at home, and sell them at any of these events. This acts as extra funds, and also contributes your part to the environment.

Alumni Meet

Organizing an alumni meet is the best way to generate funds for your club. These are the people who have gone through your dilemma, and will thus generously donate the funds. This is the best technique to generate funds for college events.
Other tried and tested ideas of fundraising are organizing a music concert, group dance, or some street plays. But for a music concert, you will need money, for the sound effects. Street plays are thus a good way to garner funds. Base your play on some socially relevant or humorous topic, to gather maximum funds!

How to Raise Funds for College Clubs and Organizations: Advertising

Fundraising demands a creative and clever advertising strategy. To advertise your club's fundraising activity, you need to print some pamphlets. Distribute the pamphlets in your college, residential area, etc.,. Send bulk emails and SMSs to all your contacts. You need to write smart advertising lines. Don't forget to list your event on social sites too!
At the end, hope you liked these creative ideas for college clubs. Fundraising is a fun activity to bond with your friends. But also make sure that all the activities are fun for the people involved. After all, they are your fund generators!