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Fundraising Ideas for Student Council

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Sep 29, 2018
Student council fundraising can be an interesting and rewarding task, if you choose proper ideas to raise some funds. Continue reading to know some easy, yet brilliant ideas!
In case of student council fundraising, the volunteers need to decide the fundraiser types carefully. Raising money can be fun, provided the ideas are interesting and unique. You don't need to think much as there are many interesting types. However, the type you opt for depends upon the school guidelines.

Goods and Services Auction

For carrying this out, the student council or the fundraising volunteers can contact the local businessmen and service providers to donate some of their products and services. They may receive a variety of goods and services, ranging from furniture, home electrical appliances, arts and crafts, air tickets, restaurant vouchers, to hair care or skincare.
After receiving the donations, the council should contact the local auctioneer and fix a day for auctioning. Depending upon the donations received, the amount of funds raised may vary. This will fulfill the objective of the council.

Direct Sale and Pre-Sale Fundraiser

Both of these require the selling of fundraising products. The student council can contact a particular fundraising company and choose the products, as per the decision of both the sides.
In the direct sale fundraiser, the volunteers of the council then sell these products to customers and collect payment. Some companies require payment for the products prior to selling them; whereas, some allow payment after selling.
In case of a pre-sale fundraiser, the members of the council are provided with a brochure that contains a list of products. The members take orders from various clients and note them down in an order form. Once the order taking process is done, the order forms from the volunteers are collected and sent to the company.
The company sends the products to the representative of the council. The volunteers then deliver the products to the clients, as per their orders. Payment is collected, either at the time when the order is placed or after the product is delivered.

On-line Fundraiser

On-line fundraising has become very popular in recent times. It can be done in two ways - first, the fundraising company with which the council is working can create a website for the particular group; through which the members of the council encourage the clients to buy products from the company. For this, the council gets a percentage of the sales.
The second option is to provide a link of the company to the school/college's website. This way, the members can encourage people to buy fundraising products. Similar to the first option, the student council will receive a percentage of the sales.

Special Event Fundraiser

The members of the student council or the volunteers can conduct an event like a music or movie show, or a drama recital. The volunteers collect money by selling the tickets to the interested viewers.
These are some of the most interesting and effective ways to raise funds, which you can implement during fundraising, as part of the school activities. Fundraising ideas can be anything; but you need to follow the school guidelines and meet the basic goal of raising funds.