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Funny Speech Topics

The Young Orator: Here are More Than 11 Funny Speech Topics

Nervous about giving a speech? Try these funny speech topics for some inspiration to tickle the funny bone.
Gagan Dhillon
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018
Searching for some topics for a speech? Then, you have made the right stop. Before I started writing this, I was wondering why on earth would someone want to know about funny topics to speak on? Then it struck me, how silly of me to not consider that not all 'speech makers' want snorers in the crowd. So this one goes out to someone who loves making speeches but isn't exactly Jay Leno. Take a look at some topics. Let's see if these can cause a laugh riot.
Funny Topics for Kids
The topics for school obviously need to be chosen with care. You don't want to corrupt the kids' innocence nor do you want to hurt anyone's sentiments. Considering kids have a short attention span, you will have to be brief. It will help if you find some interesting topics for kids. Children love demonstrations, so you can try some funny demonstration speeches.
  • How to trouble your sibling (the parents may not be too pleased with this, but it's not your hassle)
  • Ways to hide vegetables (refer to the above bracket)
  • Why do superheroes wear their underpants over their pants?
  • I got caught... (think of anything mischievous)
  • Unbelievable but true
  • How to make your homework disappear?
  • Learning to skate
  • First day of school
  • Cartoons
  • Why parents tell us to...
  • How not to train a puppy
  • Ways to make bad sandwiches
Humorous Topics for High School
High School, this is one difficult crowd to please. You could always start with inspirational topics but the crowd is most likely to walk out. So your best bet is to smartly weave the lessons into some funny speech.
  • Reasons to skip class
  • If I smoked and drank all day (take inspiration from the song 'Because i got high')
  • The biggest lie in school
  • Advantages for wearing braces
  • How not to ask out a girl/boy
  • How not to cheat
  • Bad practical jokes
  • If I had directed Star Wars
  • If aliens directed 'The Simpsons'
  • First dates
  • Geography lessons gone wrong
  • If movie stars swapped roles (if Pierce Brosnan was Godfather or Eddi Murphy was the terminator)
  • Fashion trends
  • Bad gift ideas
  • I was bored when I...
Witty Topics for College Students
This sort of crowd is easy to please, they are young enough to laugh at anything and old enough to laugh with you. The topics for college can be a nice mix of adult and childish topics.
  • Styles of laughing
  • The real meaning of body language signs
  • When not to kiss a girl/boy
  • Do people look like their pets
  • Importance of friends
  • College pranks
  • Initiation parties
  • American idol audition
  • Pick up lines
  • Facts about men & women
  • Blind date disasters
  • Your version of Murphy's laws
  • Embarrassing family pictures
  • Wrong Jobs
  • Last day of college
  • What not to tell your girlfriend/boyfriend
  • Pick up lines gone wrong
  • Words of wisdom from a drunk
  • When not to get drunk
Eventually your ability to tickle people's funny bone will not only rest on the topics you choose but also on your ability to see and put forth the humor in these topics. You will need all the help you can get from your expressions and actions. So before you get on the stage, let yourself loose, imitate some characters from the planet of the apes, just to get the juices flowing. Then you are ready to face the fun hungry audience. These topics should help you make your way alive from the stage. Na! I'm kidding, you'll do well, just keep something handy to swing back the tomatoes!