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Funny Video Ideas for School That'll Make Learning Fun and Easy

Funny Video Ideas for School
Want to shoot some fun videos for your school project? If yes, you are on the right page. Read on for some interesting video ideas for school...
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
There are some school projects which students actually enjoy being a part of. Shooting videos is one such school assignment, which students don't mind working upon. Videos for school projects can be fun, serious, with a message, inspiring or related to some issues students feel strongly about. Students should pick and choose the kind of videos they want to shoot, depending upon how well they can handle a particular genre. Once the genre has been decided, they should start working on ideas, to shoot the videos. For all those students who have settled for fun videos, who want to spread cheer through their work, a few funny video ideas are suggested in this EduZenith article. Have a look...
A TV Show Spoof
Choose a serious TV show and then turn it around to look like a comedy, by giving its characters and story a fun twist. Plan a funny skit around these lines and shoot the same for your video. Keep in mind though that the TV show that you select is a popular one and almost everyone is well acquainted with its story line and dialogs.
Make a list of some interesting questions and then go around the campus asking these to the students. The questions can be something like - "If you were made the president of United States, what would you do?", "What do you think is the appropriate age to allow alcohol consumption legally?", etc. Ask the students to answer these questions as humorously as they can. Shoot the video of the students answering these questions and after that, to give it a final touch, compile and link the footage you have shot, appropriately.
News Stories
Shoot "campus news" stories. There is always some or the other gossip floating around the campus. So, why not use the same to create some fun videos? You can have a number of students letting everybody in on the latest, spicy campus gossip. To make it even more interesting and to preserve the identity of the ones about whom the gossip is, do not take names in your video. Only refer to them by their peculiar dressing sense or behavior and let everyone watching the video guess who they are. This indeed is a great idea for involving your audience in the video.
Short Film
If some of you are good at writing stories, then why not script a funny short film and have your fellow students enact the same? Either you can write the full story of the film yourself or you can take ideas from three to four comedy films and then weave them together to write your story. Short films are enjoyable to watch and if they have a touch of fun and comedy to them, even more so!
Shoot a documentary on some frivolous topic, but give it the same serious tone as most documentaries have. You can pick anything like how a particular teacher's dressing style impacts the students! Have the students give their views on the same and that too in a very serious manner. You can ask a few teachers to speak on some other issue and include their views in your documentary, making them look as if they are commenting on the said teacher's dressing style too! Such a documentary can turn out to be real fun provided you choose some good topic and can compile the footage really well.
Short Fun Videos
You can shoot some fun short videos, on the lines of America's funniest videos. For instance, put up an ice cream stall and instead of the ice cream, top the cones with something which looks like ice cream but tastes unusual. After that, you can shoot people's reactions after eating the ice cream. Likewise, create some fun situations and shoot a number of short videos.
When you are shooting your video, use subtle, classy humor and do not attempt anything crass. As it is meant for a school project and your teachers will be judging you on its basis, anything vulgar should not be attempted! Be original, imaginative and creative and let all these qualities shine through your video! All the best!
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