Graduate Scholarships for Women Over 40

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Graduate Scholarships for Women Over 40

There are several graduate scholarships for women over 40 but many people are unaware of them. This article shares some insights on the same, which can help these women complete the education and fulfill their dreams.

Women constitute a large population of uneducated people. There are many reasons apart from economic problems, that do not allow them to complete their studies. Sometimes, women who have children at younger age have to take a break from their studies and sometimes they have family and other important commitments. At such situations, economic burdens add to their problems and pursuing further education gets even more difficult. But, there is a good news, especially for those over 40. Your dream to study further and graduate can come true, as there are many institutes and organizations that offer scholarships for such women.

The Scholarships

Nothing can be better than free education, where you do not have to pay anything for gaining knowledge and pursuing your passion. All you have to do is, study hard and leave the rest to the scholarship you are granted with. There are many federal government organizations that offer assistance. Some institutes also award scholarships to women from minority communities and also to those with disabilities.

There are many charity organizations which offer grants or sponsor the education, especially of single mothers, destitute, or battered women. So you must visit various websites and find out such organizations in your state and approach them. But remember that these organizations would have certain criteria and requirements that you need to fulfill in order to get the grants. Given below are some of the scholarships that women over 40 can avail.

AARP Foundation Women’s Scholarship Program

This scholarship is awarded to those who wish to enroll in accredited school or technical program, but they have to get enrolled within six months of the application date. Women who have financial problems are given priority in this program. Apart from financial needs, women seeking higher education, new job skills, etc., are some of the criteria.

The Jeanette Rankin Foundation

It offers scholarships to women over 35 years of age. It is awarded to those who wish to graduate in a nontraditional stream. Apart from this, those pursuing professional and technical courses, either two year degree or bachelor’s degree are also preferred. Women with dire economical problems are given more priority while granting the aid.

The Davis Program at Wellesley College

It is awarded to women who are beyond college age, or for those who have never pursued college. Working women who wish to study further and improve job skills also stand a good chance of getting this scholarship.

Pell Grant

To avail this grant, you have to fill out Federal Aid for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA) form. Grants are given based on the answers one writes in this form. To avail this grant, applicant must me accepted or enrolled for a program that meets Pell Grant guidelines.

Alliss Education Foundation

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities partner with this foundation to grant scholarships to deserving candidates. It is for those who are coming back to school after a long absence. It includes tuition for one course of up to five credits.

American Association of University Women

It provides funding and scholarships for women especially in men dominated fields. Overall it provides $4.3 million in funding across all the categories.

These were few of the alternatives. However, there are many other scholarships for which you can browse the Internet. The application process can be a little tedious as there are a lot of details that you have to provide in the application form. To get the application form and know the detailed process, you must visit the website of the concerned organization. They generally provide stepwise information about the process and also tell you about the required documents. You should fill in the application form carefully and gather all the documents that need to be attached with the application. It is advisable to keep an extra copy of all the documents and application form with you.

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