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Tips to Write a Graduation Welcome Speech

Sheetal Mandora Oct 07, 2018
Writing a graduation welcome speech need not to be a stressful. For a valedictorian, being given this opportunity means a lot, and EduZenith will help you frame the right way.
The wonderful and exciting years of school stay with us for the rest of our lives. These years are filled with dedicating your time for studies, attaining knowledge from the teachers and professors, socializing with friends, and making innumerable memories.
And when the day arrives where you get to walk on the stage, wearing the cap and gown, it's like no other feeling in this world. A sense of accomplishment hits you and the fact that the world is calling us to make our name, is overpowering.
But before you can face the challenges and find your path, there is one small, yet significant graduation ceremony which you need to attend. Many students look at this ceremony as a rite of passage; an acknowledgment that no one can take away from you.
So when you are chosen to give the graduation welcome speech, doesn't the importance of this day increase tenfold? Sure it does. Which is why, you need to be prepared and come up with an unforgettable speech.

Tips on Writing the Graduation Speech

  • Make sure your speech is simple, to the point, genuine, and short. You don't want a dragging, long, and boring speech that tires the audience at the beginning of the ceremony.
  • Include special thanks to your teachers, professors, and of course, the parents. If you feel that you might forget whom to thank, write down the names of people.
  • Understand what message you are trying to send to the audience. Is this speech going to be an informational, inspiring, or entertaining to the audience? Accordingly, you can make a rough draft and work on it.
  • Use simple English and don't complicate the sentences. Using complex sentences will only bore everyone and you might just lose the audience's attention.
  • Add a joke or a funny incident to your speech. Or, you can talk about an important event or incident that happened in your school days.
  • Mention the fact that these days are going to be memorable and wonderful days of your life.
  • Conclude the speech by bidding the audience a farewell and thank everyone for coming to the ceremony and listening to your speech.

High School or College Graduation Speech

In the beginning, welcome everyone to the graduation ceremony on behalf of your entire batch. Thank the audience (that includes parents, teachers, professors, friends, classmates, etc.) for joining you all today on this special occasion. Also, ask them if they could be a bit patient before the ceremony commenced and you could share a few words with them.
Next, you will talk about the wonderful years you've spent in the school and how these memories will stay with you for the rest of your life. Here, you can talk about the small incidents in school like eating lunch in the cafeteria, football games, prep rallies, drama club, and sitting in the classes, learning about the outside world.
You can even mention a particular teacher/professor who, to you, made the most difference in your life (and of your classmates). Also, mention that all the teachers and professors make an exceptional team, and together they make sure that the students are well taken care of.
In the end, talk about how you all are waiting to see what the future holds. But wherever you all may go, these are the best days of your lives and they are the building blocks of your tomorrow. Thank everyone for coming and making this event a success.
Public speaking isn't everyone's forte. So a good way to relax and calm yourself during the speech: don't think that you're giving some test and you have to qualify in it. The audience, people sitting in front of you, are your classmates, friends, and family. They are here to see you all graduate and take a big step towards your futures.