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Helpful Tips for Transferring Credits to Online School

Forest Trail Academy May 3, 2019
With the advent of online degree programs, transferring credits between online and offline schools has become quite common. Students who have associate degrees usually decide to pursue a bachelor’s in the same subject. This is a typical transfer-credit scenario.

Selecting the Right Online School

There are many online schools in the market today. So, you need to be really cautious at the time of making the selection.

Remember not all online schools operate with your best interest in mind. After all, fraudulent diploma mills do exist. So, you should be aware of potential dangers. Keep your goals in mind as well while picking up the online school.

Accreditation Matters Way Too Much

Keep in mind that accreditation is a key element for an online school. If you are specifically considering transferring credits, then accreditation is of paramount importance.

Accredited institutions do not usually accept credit from unaccredited schools. Make sure that the accreditation is regional.

School Ranking and Reputation

The reputation of an online school is a very useful way to gauge the status of an online program. Years of experience matters here. The more experienced an online school is in the field of providing educative services, the more reliable it is.

Credit Transfer-ability

Most of the online academic institutions understand that students demand flexibility. Many might begin a degree program online and then complete it elsewhere. All the information related to transfer credits should be easily accessed on a school’s website.

In case you find yourself digging around to locate this information, it could be an alarming sign.

Significance of the Classes

Every degree program advances in complexity over time. When you take a class at an early stage in a program, the chances of your transfer to be accepted shall be greater.

There are some degree programs that also refuse to grant course credits for core requirements in a major. However, they will accept general education class credits.

Do Plan Your Online Courses

When you are sure that you are going to transfer before attending an online college, you might consider preparing yourself for an easy credit transfer.

This way you are able to cater your course schedule according to which credits will be of value to your new school.

Talk to Your Administrative Counselor of the School

When you work with a personal advisor, it implies that you are determined to get your credits transferred and play an active role in your education. They can assist you in making navigation sometimes.