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High School Team Building Games

Aastha Dogra Jan 27, 2019
If planned and conducted well, high school team building games break the ice amongst the students, enabling them to work in co-operation. Enlisted are some fun games.
In order to facilitate learning in class, it's very important that the students know, like, trust and co-operate with one another. However, most teens are more or less self-centered. That's why it's the responsibility of teachers to plan such school activities and games for them, which will make them understand the importance of working in teams.

Fun High School Team Building Games


High school team building exercises should always start with icebreaker activities! After all, the students should know each other well, if they have to work in co-operation in the future. Divide the students into groups of four each. Next, give each of the groups about ten minutes to interact among themselves.
Instruct the students that they should try and know as much as they can about each other's personal life, hobbies, etc. At the end of ten minutes, call the groups one by one and ask them to give a presentation on what makes their group strong. Also, make sure that each group member gets to speak for about two minutes.
During their presentation, the group members will highlight each other's achievements and accomplishments to prove that their group is the best. This will give the entire class an opportunity to know about everyone's hidden talents and skills!

Trust Me!

High school team building activities can be used in an innovative way to build trust amongst the students. To play this trust building game, divide the students into teams of five each. Choose one leader and blindfold the rest. Mark two lines, one starting and the other finishing line with a distance of about twenty feet in between.
In between the lines, place a number of objects such as chairs, tables, books, or anything you can lay your hands on. The leader who is standing at the finishing line, has to guide the followers in his team who are standing at the starting line, to cross this path full of obstacles.
The catch is that if any of the team players even touches an obstacle, the entire team has to start all over again from the starting line! The team, which crosses the hurdles successfully in minimum attempts is declared the winner.

Everyone's Important!

Here is another team building game for high school students, which will give them some very important lessons in teamwork, i.e. each and every member is important for the success of the team, how to communicate with one another and how to undertake problem solving.
To play this team building game for schools, divide the students into teams of six each. Give each of the team's materials such as magazines, newspapers, scissors, glue, cardboard, painting colors, construction paper, etc.
Next, instruct the teams that they have to together create something, it can be a collage or a painting or anything, which brings forth their school's spirit. The rule of the game is that only one team member can work on the project at a time and every time you whistle, the other team member has to take over.
The catch of the game - team members cannot talk! Each group gets an hour to work on the project. When students communicate with their hands and faces, when they try to guess what the previous team member was trying to create before you whistled the change, it will test their problem-solving as well as communication skills to the core!

Be Creative!

If you have not prepared any high school team building activity, there's nothing to worry about it. Here is one of the best team building activities for high school students which requires no planning. All you have to do is divide the students in groups of six each and ask them to design a fun, interesting team building game!
When students work in groups to design the game, they will automatically be brainstorming together on a lot of ideas, sharing and listening to opinions, working in tandem with one another. This will definitely help in increasing their comfort level as well as bonding.
High school team building games, such as these, should be regularly conducted. Over time, they will inculcate a sense of belonging and sensitivity for others, among the students. This will immensely help them, both in their personal and professional lives in the future!