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How Much is Too Much Homework?

Buzzle Staff Sep 29, 2018
We often come across the new-age students complaining about too much homework. Have you wondered why these students feel that the amount of homework can be reduced? Let's look at a few reasons in this write-up.
Rags to riches stories of many millionaires are replete with instances of hardship suffered by these achievers during their youth. Winners are people who are resolute and endlessly pursue their goals. They work meticulously every step of the way and stay resilient even when they do not succeed.
They work hard day and night. For them, hard work is to enjoy challenging work and succeed in it. However, hard work does not mean spending a particular number of hours and energy everyday. It doesn't even mean relaxing as little as you can.
Nevertheless, hard work is the only mantra to succeed. Nothing can surpass the excellence of hard work. It is regarded as the key to win the world; this has been proved correct since the times immemorial. It is rightly said that even gold begins to melt when it is put to the test of fire.
The moment we enter the teenage, we began to stagger and our mind becomes full of anxiety. All this happens because of our appetite to become more and more successful in life.
Then again, the word success has dominated man completely. Its impact is so much that even people with enormous confidence are seen under a peculiar fear, with their mind and soul under tension. The pressure of succeeding makes us work hard. Though this is absolutely necessary, there needs to be a limit. Too much of anything is bad.
Coming back to homework, it's just the same here too. When does homework seem like a lot? Maybe when it come across as unnecessary. Maybe when it exists just for namesake and doesn't teach anything new. Is homework given with the purpose of teaching practice makes one perfect? In that case, how much practicing are we talking about?
Homework has its advantages; too many of them. If for a second we replace homework with hard work, what do we see? Is too much homework synonymous with too much hard work? Yes. Just like hard work, homework needs to have a direction; it needs to have a reason, a purpose.
If we observe all the greatest endeavors carried out in this world, we find that behind them hard work is the sole driving force, without which nothing is possible. So, does homework lay the foundation of hard work in the future? Is it getting the students ready for what's out there?
We must agree that hard work forms the foundation of every new achievement, every new invention, and every new discovery with eventual victory.
The passion to hard work cannot be imposed upon anyone. It comes from deep inside one's heart. Hard work cannot be measured. The quantity of hard work passed depends upon how much positive your approach towards life is.
However, homework can be measured. Are you technically doing the same thing over and over again only because you've been told to? Is there no scope for improving or testing your approach to the subject? Does it seem more like donkey work than innovation and ideation?
The answer is simple - find out the reason. If by completing all the homework you're going to get better at something, do it. If the homework is redundant and is teaching you nothing new, maybe it's time to talk it out with your teacher.
If the reason for abandoning your homework is solely to have more time to relax, maybe you should reconsider your approach. The key is to find balance. All the best!