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How to Be Cool in High School

Sujata Iyer Jun 18, 2019
Every kid wants to know how to be cool in high school. And while there is no set mantra to answer this question, there are some universal things that can make you seem 'cool'. You'll find them here, so keep reading.
There isn't one teenager today who isn't plagued by the thought of being cool in high school. Every kid wants to know what the 'coolest' thing to do is, who the 'coolest' person to know is, and what the 'coolest' clothes to wear are.
The answer to all thisĀ are so subjective that out of five, there are sure to be at least two people who will disagree with anything and everything that the other three have to say. So, it is quite apparent that there cannot be a finite answer to the question.
However, in an attempt to make it somewhat easier to get through what some may call the formative years of an adolescent's life, given are some very matter-of-fact pointers to know how to be counted among the cool kids in high school.

Being Cool in High School

The years you spend in high school are the best years of your teenage life. Your entire future as a person and as a professional depends on how you mold yourself in high school. The friends you make in high school, the heartaches that you have, and heartbreaks that you cause are all going to stay with you for a long time.
So needless to say, you need to have the best time during these years. For this, we have some well-established guidelines. You can never go wrong with them. Read them and you'll know what to do.

Look Good

Why does this point always come first? Well, it's because of this age-old saying that goes something on the lines of the first impression being the last impression. And while many may argue that no one should judge a book by its cover, it is also true that if you look cool in high school, then half your work is already done.
Let's face it, would you feel like talking to a person who looks and smells bad? Of course not! Then no one has the right to call high school kids shallow if all they want (at least at first) is for everyone to look presentable and clean.
It does not translate to having expensive taste in fashion and spending hours and a lot of money on hairstyles. All it means is taking good care of personal hygiene, wearing decent looking clothes, and having a perpetual smile on your face.

Make Friends

Believe it or not, one of the most important steps to being popular in high school is to have loads of friends. If you think 'friends' is a very loaded word (and it sure is), then at least have a number of acquaintances.
Friends are people you can rely on. People you can trust. People who you know will help you in your time of need.
So, sift through the countless faces that you see everyday and find those who can be your true friends. And once you have them, you must defend your friendship with a fierce loyalty. No one should even imagine coming up to you and saying things about your friends that you may find unpalatable.
This will show the others what a good friend you are and everyone will want to be one of yours. Even if you have a small but tight circle of friends, don't ignore other acquaintances. Getting to know new people is one of the most fun things to do in high school!

Be Nice

Just making friends may not be enough. What you need is a reputation that will make people associate coolness with you.
Simple things like acknowledging classmates using their names even if you don't really know them well, or smiling at the other students in the corridors, helping out juniors or, seniors with something, are cool things to do in high school.
By doing this, you get into the good books of people, they like you for being approachable and friendly, and the word spreads around that you are a 'cool' person.

Get a Job

Just having friends and 'hanging out' with them, cool though it may sound, has its downside too. Nothing in this world is free and when it comes to hanging out with friends, it's always nice to know that you are 'cool' in the finance department as well.
And what's even cooler is not having to ask your parents to lend you money all the time. There are plenty of jobs for high school students that hire kids part-time. Get one of these jobs and you'll have your own money to spend. You'll earn the respect of your parents as well as that of your friends. And respect is definitely 'cool'.

Be Responsible

In addition to all the funny random things and the mischief and the numerous parties that you attend, there is a certain level of accountability that you must have. All teenagers know that there are certain things that simply should not be done as teenagers.
You need to be a good judge of what is right and what is wrong and be able to make the right decision. Doing something just because 'everyone else is doing it' simply does not make sense. As a teenager, you can have all the fun you want, but not at the cost of your grades, your self respect and your integrity as a person.
Don't lose yourself trying to be cool in high school. If that happens, you'll have a hard time finding yourself again. Trying to be someone you are not is the most 'uncool' thing to do, whether it's high school or any other time of your life. So just be yourself, show some respect, be sincere, and you'll definitely be cool in school!