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How to Become a School Mascot

Rohini Mohan Feb 28, 2019
A mascot is there to entertain the crowd and motivate the team. Without a mascot the game would lose its charm, and would be really boring for the crowd especially for the kids who have come to see the game with their parents.
A school mascot is the heart of the game, without whom, the crowd would feel lonesome and bored, especially if the game gets off to a bad start. It takes a lot more than most people would expect, in order to become a mascot, and that too a good one.
A competent mascot will be intuitive and intelligent about the crowd's feeling, and will react in favor of his school, while making sure the opponent team gets ridiculed through mild gestures. It's all about being a good actor and channeling on the spirit of the game.
The mascot is there to entertain the students and parents, and to lift their spirits when they are low or angry with the happenings of the game.
He is there to celebrate with his team when they win the game! It all comes down to how the mascot behaves, so that it's appropriate to the given situation. If you're interested in becoming the next mascot for your school, and think you have it in you, then you must prepare yourself for the upcoming audition at school.

How to Be a School Mascot

Here is a list of skills you must learn or sharpen further, if you already have a talent for them. These are the skills which your school audition panel will be looking out for, so be smart and do not refrain from working hard.

Gesture Acting

You have to learn how to act through gestures. The people around you cannot see your face and do not know the real you. This actually good for those who find their real personalities coming forth, when behind a mask.
All that people will see is the gestures you make and how you move in your costume. Your costume has to become a part of you, and you have to be a part of your costume! It's as simple as that, and yet a very difficult task to accomplish.
Pick up tricks by watching how other mascots use their body language in order to communicate with the players and the public. Watch videos and see popular game recordings of your own school too, so that you have new and interesting mascot ideas, on how to move in your own school's mascot costume.
Practice makes one perfect, and in this case, you have to get your act perfect. For the final audition, you will need to prepare a skit or a performance ritual, where you will enact different emotions, while using your costume in order to depict these emotions.

Learn to Dance

You cannot be a mascot if you have two left feet! You have to learn how to dance.
Which means, you have got to know the latest moves. Always remember to choose popular upbeat numbers, which are in trend and are a sure winner with the crowd. Learn modern hip hop steps and moves, and you are sure to get the crowd hooting with joy!
What more does a school want from its mascot, if he/she is at the epitome of greatness!

Gymnastic Moves

If you can manage a back flip and a hand stand, you have half the battle already won. A flexible mascot will be able to perform along with the cheerleaders. Which is very lucky, as some might say!
The mascot will be able to make cool moves even while dancing or when the home team has scored. This skill will definitely make you a top qualifier during the auditions, if competition is on high gear.


If you think being a mascot is an easy-peasy job, you are so very mistaken! You have to constantly be on your feet, run along with the team, perform with the cheerleaders, interact with the crowd, and handle all that heat inside the costume! A bit too demanding.
A mascot needs to be in top physical shape, and cannot be lazy or inactive. He has to be super energetic and as athletic as the players on the field. You cannot show signs of weakness or faint on the field, as that will make your school look really bad! So if you intend to take this job seriously, you best get into shape, my friend.


A school mascot is also used for advertising and pooling in funds for the school team. So if you have any ideas on how to increase the budget for your school team, explore the idea with your auditioning panel. However, wait until they ask. If they do not mention the topic, never discuss it on your own, or else they might think you're being over ambitious.
These steps are all you need to take in order to become the mascot of your school. Always remember to stay grounded and do as you are told, while being innovative, creative, confident, and comfortable in your costume!