How to Book PTE Academic Slot

Satvik Garg Jun 24, 2019
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The Process to book PTE Academic takes place online only. It’s not difficult at all, and to make it more easy for you, this is a step by step guide to book PTE Academic slot.

Create an Account

  • Go to Pearson’s Website and click “Create Account”.
  • Read and Accept the policies.
  • Select “No, I do not know my PTE ID” for new registration.
  • Enter: First & Last Name, Date of Birth and Email. Click the ‘Next’ Button.
  • Next Page: Enter Contact Information: Address and Telephone Number.
  • Next, Enter Additional Information: Country of Citizenship, etc.

Create Username & Password

  • Choose a username according to your convenience and check it’s availability.
  • Create a Password: 8 or more characters, a combination of upper and lower letters and numbers or symbols.
  • Select your choice of security questions. Note down these details for yourself. You might need them if you forget your username or password. Click Finish.

Sign In

  • You will now be logged in or you can log in later by going to the website again. Scroll down to see “Sign In” Option.
  • Sign in with your username and password.
  • Click on “PTE-A: Pearson Test of English Academic” from the exam catalogue.
  • You will see the details of the exam. Click “Schedule this Exam”.

Schedule the Exam

You will be asked to answer the following questions:
  • Option to send scores to DHA and INZ.
  • What language do you speak at home?
  • If you have checked correct id and read Test taker handbook.
  • Provide a reference number, if any.
  • Question about why are you applying to this exam.

Answer all the mandatory and optional (if applicable) questions and click next.

Book the Date

  • Select a location by name or pin code. You can select up to three test centers.
  • After choosing the test center, you will able to select a slot from the available date and time.
  • The next few pages will ask you to review your entered details. If they are not, you still have the option to edit them.
  • Agree to the policies

Make the Payment

  • There are three methods through which you can pay: PTE Voucher, Debit and Credit Card.
  • PTE Voucher offers a discount while Debit & Credit do not.
  • If you have a Voucher then enter the code and hit apply. The fees will automatically come to a ‘0’.
  • If paying through a card, enter the details and pay through the secure portal.

Final Steps

  • Submit Your Order
  • Review Your Details
  • You will get an email confirming your booking on the registered email id.
  • NOTE: Enter details according to your Passport.