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How to Overcome Homesickness in College

Hemangi Harankhedkar Jan 26, 2019
Are you missing your sweet home badly, and is the feeling affecting your college life in a negative way? Read on to learn few strategies on how to overcome homesickness in college.
College years, the resonance of these words in my ears, get in me an unexplained feel good feeling. This is the best period in a person's life, the youthful excitement, new friends, college fun, parties, and the sense of growing up!
The life is just so wonderful and carefree, and if you are living away from home, you have that super good feeling of independence! But like a coin has two sides, living away from home also has its own flip side.
Homesickness can make a person feel alone in this big world. When a person enters college away from home, it can become a serious issue if you are not strong minded. Anything can make you homesick - a fight with your roommate, feeling of insecurity, frustration because of the place, the reasons are plenty. Let us learn how to deal with this feeling.

Focus On Your Aim

You may be a freshman in college, and circumstances beyond your control might have brought you to this place.
But remember, you had toiled so much to get into this place. You must have surely planned something for yourself. Basically, we all make plans and set targets when we are moving to college life. Whenever you get that feeling of homesickness, remind the mind of your aims.

Make Friends!

Anais Nin has written a beautiful quote about friendship which goes like, "Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born". And the quote is very much right.
In college you meet people, people who are like you, who share the same interests as yours. So if you are a freshman, bond with the people around you. Who knows, these same people would become the gems of your life in the future! In short, try spending fruitful hours with people around you and make a sweet little world of your own.
If you have been unlucky in finding the right people, don't worry, there are lots of other things you can do, even if you are a loner. The best thing to do is making your hobbies you best friends!
Whatever be your hobby, make sure you are in touch with it.

Keep Yourself Busy

From Experience, one can say that you feel the longing for home while going to bed at night, or when you are alone in your room. This makes your mind sentimental and you feel like running away somewhere, right?
The best thing to do, to keep these feelings away, is keeping yourself busy, and there are number of ways to do so. You can join a sports club, a library (if you are a book lover), some hobby club, a gym, etc. Keep yourself engaged, and don't let the home thoughts clot your mind.


We are so lucky to be born in the 21st century, aren't we?
Apart from telephonic communication, we have other means of communication, like the social networking sites, where we can communicate live. Communicate with your parents on a daily basis, and feel happy because you are lucky to do it daily. Also share all your problems with your parents, this will make you feel better.

You Are Not Alone

This is the technique people used to follow to cope with homesickness. Just remind yourself that you are not the only person living away from home.
There are, in fact, millions of others like you out there in this big world, who are living away from their home and parents. If others can live away from home, why can't you?

You Are Lucky!

You are lucky to have your own home. Think of the people who have no parents or home. Feel blessed, that at least you spent your early years in home. And now the need of the hour demands you to stay away from home, so just accept the fact, and be strong-minded.

Enjoy The College Life

Last but not least, enjoy your college life! Living alone is just a matter of a few years. Just focus on making fun memories in your college life.
Try new things and participate in all the events, but make sure your studies are not ignored, you have your own responsibility.
These tips should help you overcome your homesickness. Years later, when you come back to the same place, you might tell people happily that, this place is my second home!