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How to Speak for PTE Academic

The Speaking Section of PTE Academic is really crucial. Everything is timed and you need to be attentive and fluent in order to score well.
Satvik Garg Jul 12, 2019

The Speaking Section

The Speaking Section is a part of the first section: Speaking & Writing. The first section is timed between 77-93 minutes depending upon the prompts.

The number of questions can vary from 35-42 for speaking tasks. Your ability to speak correctly with good oral fluency in an academic environment is evaluated in this task.

Types Of Questions

There are five types of questions:
  • Read aloud
  • Repeat sentences
  • Describe images
  • Re-tell lecture
  • Answer short questions

Just Say It

There are two tasks in speaking section that don't need any creativity from your end. The tasks are:
  1. Read Aloud: A text will be shown on screen, you only have to read it as it is. Don't miss or add any word.
  2. Repeat Sentence: You have to listen to an audio and then repeat the sentence that you hear.

Prepare and Speak

Another set of questions involves your creative thinking. You will be given enough preparation time to formulate your response.
  • Describe an image: An image will be shown, speak what you see in the image. 
  • Re-tell lecture: An audio will be played. Listen to it carefully and re-tell it in your own words, without deviating from the content.

You Know It, or You Don’t

Answer Short Question is a question type where you only have to speak in 1 or 2 words.

The question can be something like 'What do you call a person who cooks professionally?' Answer: Chef.

It's quick and checks your logical thinking.

Time Management

Every task in the speaking section is timed individually. You do not need to worry about missing any question but you must also utilize the given time correctly.