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How to Study for the Finals

Hemangi Harankhedkar Mar 24, 2019
Final year exams is the bridge that every student needs to cross with mind crippling bothering factors, leaving a heavy dose of a pall in its wake. It is An important milestone which paves a doorway into the future.
The days before the commencement of final year exams can be unnerving. Anticipation makes it worse, the days could be a continuous sweep of trying times, heavily saturated with a sense of uncertainty and yearning for relief.
It's a kind of war, an internal conflict which every student strives to get by while preparations for the exam is underway. Fretting for the impending event would aggravate the already aggravated mind. A deft approach to the matter at hand is necessary as recourse to fetch acceptable results.

Study Tips for the Finals

Start Early

A disciplined approach in handling the task could serve as rescue from rigorous situations. Frugality of time is a needed quality as a learning individual. It has been said that we cannot control time, but only the events surrounding it.
Complacency should be controlled, while not completely absent. Calmness of the mind is absolutely necessary for studying. The activity of studying can be classified as brain work.

Completing the Assignments

A self-attained completion in an assignment grades the ability of being academically effective. Assistance in dealing with difficult assignments can be advised while grasping the final insight for the exercise.
An assignment can be defined as a self-scaling regimen, which tells the individual how far he has become thorough with the subject at hand.

Asking Doubts

Doubts are slippery sloppy kinks the way to succession which may turn into an absolute deterrent if not dealt at correct moment. As a learning mind students are entitled to ask questions, and the teacher responsible for the subjects, are, to some extent obligated to answer them.


Weariness is a hard bridge to cross, which can be overcome with the creativity of the mind. Subjects are not difficult because they are complicated.
It becomes tough because the individual or the student handling the task lacks the interest quotient in pursuit of understanding the subject. A schedule which involves relaxation at defined intervals would be helpful.

Use Charts

Charts are like maps, which gives you the layout of the targets to traversed. They provide the feasibility of accomplishing the task.


Concentration is the key to success, so use it as a tool to boost your chances of exam success. Meditation and deep breathing exercises will help you concentrate on the subject better.


Use the results and performance of your previous exams in the final exam preparation. This helps you identifying weak and strong points, and thus, helps in the final exam preparation.

Read Out Loud

Reading necessitates the usage of the vocal cords, the voice emanated becomes an audio feed to the ears, leading to the brain, which processes what it receives.

Group Study

Group study is very useful in exam preparation, because it involves intense discussion.

Study Tips for Last Minute Preparation

Discipline against Distractions

Distractions are a constant adversary to the scope of the task at hand. Distractions of entertainment have to be kept at bay to retain better results.
For example, disciplining your mind to adhere to study is imperative. A much anticipated soccer match is a big distraction. In such circumstances, what you need to do is 'compromise', as an exam is much more important than the soccer match.

Make a Timetable

When the exam is near, a proper routine should be followed. Make a timetable for the day, and prefer keeping the morning hours reserved for study. Utilize all the hours fruitfully.

Utilize Time

Now is not the time to waste, as the final exams are round the corner. Complete utilization of time is very essential. Whenever you have free time, you should study something and focus only on the exam.

Keep Stress at Bay

Stress levels generally rise as the exams get nearer. It's better to keep stress at bay for the best. Stress affects the mind and hampers your studying pattern.

Eat the Right Food

As the exam nears, intake of junk food is inadvisable. Having proper meals is very important for stamina and the mind.


Reevaluate the extent of what has been studied and reassess the task.

Take Breaks

Studying continuously tires the mind, so it's better to take small breaks while studying. It freshens up the mind.

Take Enough Rest

To appear for the exam, you should be healthy and fit enough. So don't overwork your mind and body, and give them enough rest.

Think Positive

This the most important thing to be kept in mind. No matter how tough the situation is, always think positive and hope for the best to happen. Before going to sleep, imagine a 'successful you'. This has a profound effect on the subconscious mind, and helps in success.
So, deck up your room with charts, arrange your table, that creates a study decor. Hope that these tips help you in climbing the success ladder. All the Best!