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How to Survive High School

How to Survive High School

High school can be a terrible phase if you get it all wrong. Find out how to survive it with a few easy tips mentioned in this article.
Aparna Jadhav
When you graduate from junior high, you're thrilled about high school for so many reasons. There are many fun things about high school, like parties, elections, concerts, new subjects, new influences, etc. There is a unique excitement in the air of the high school building which every newcomer wants to be intoxicated with. But this often turns out quite unexpected when you can't make the right choices and get carried away. Growing up means a lot of responsibility and high school is full of that, which also teaches you to be the individual that you really need to be. It makes you realize that the world has two faces, and you have to choose to be on any one side. It is the place that prepares you for the bigger challenges of life. And once you learn how to survive, you are definitely ready to face what awaits outside.

10 Ways to Survive High School

When kids are in high school, they are at that fresh new phase of life called "teenage". This is the time when kids are the most vulnerable to random attractions and want their share of freedom. But there are many times, when they get carried away by the wrong company and end up making stupid mistakes. Thus, counseling them about the right and wrong is a responsibility which should be taken up by teachers and parents. High school is also full of struggles with self identity, peer pressure, fitting in, and academic competence, which can be very stressful for a teenager with no one to council or advise. To teach you a few tricks, we have put together 10 ways to do so. Take a look and find which one you need to follow to improve your situation in school!

1: Be Yourself
High school is a fun time to make new friends, meet new people, date, and socialize. Make friends with a variety of people and not just a group which you are comfortable with. Most peer pressure cases are because of the weak image created by freshmen. Just be yourself and don't give in to anyone's wants, but create a strong self image.

2: Participate
Make sure you are active in all the activities like competitions, debates, sports, and academics. Raise your hand in the class and ask your teacher as many logical questions as you can, to create a good and healthy impression of yourself. Do not sit in the corner, ignoring confrontation.

3: Be Honest
There are lots of times, where you can have fun and enjoy it, but when it comes to homework and assignments, complete them on time. Do them regularly and you will find time to participate in other activities you want to.

4: Keep Good Company
Choose your friends carefully. Socialize, but by anticipating who you can connect to. You will find friends, but stay away from the ones who don't want to be your friends as bad company is tempting, but the good one is true.

5: Be Optimistic
There is nothing better than having a smile on your face. Practice positive thinking, don't be afraid to make friends, don't get aggressive or personal with anyone and treat others the way you want to be treated. Don't underestimate anyone (not even yourself), as you never know who you might need and when. Respect your teachers and classmates and try to be helpful if you want the same in return.

6: Be Presentable
You can't go to high school dressed like junior high! So choose a good look for yourself and maintain it (not flashy, not ignorant). Stay casual and dress up once in a while to fetch some complements. And always wear your smile.

7: Join a Club
If there are any activity clubs in school like dance, acting, drawing, music, etc., join them. You will meet great friends and learn new things. Don't shy away from people as not everyone is a bad influence. Let people know what a wonderful person you are.

8: Study
High school is your only chance to make all your dreams come true. Don't waste it doing unimportant things, you will regret them. Study as hard as you can, and party harder but don't fall behind in giving your competitors a hard time! Always remember, there is no place for losers in the world.

9: Be Confident
When you believe in yourself, others believe in you. Talk, walk, and address the people confidently and this will create a strong image about you. Do your thing, don't imitate others. Be creative, unique, and learn to set trends. Confidence is one quality you grow with, and people respect you for that.

10: Love High School
The last thing is to fall in love with it. Make the most out of it, as you will never get those moments back. Come up with prank ideas, get a detention, top your class, make the best friends, drink, go to prom, party, but just make as many memories as you can!

With these tips to survive high school, you will surely be proud to graduate as an all round approaching adult carrying the best roots. So, when you throw those hats in the air, feel the freedom and remember every moment you spent in "High School".
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