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How to Write a Funny Graduation Speech

How to Write a Funny Graduation Speech
Is it your graduation ceremony and you are expected to deliver a speech. Wow! How about adding a little humor to your speech, to keep the audience interested. Are you wondering how to write a funny graduation speech. Just keep reading to know more on that aspect.
Divya Bichu
To begin with, to deliver a speech at your graduation ceremony is a huge honor, and if you are conferred upon with this honor, nothing like it! Congratulations! There is nothing to be nervous about now. Let's see, may be this article helps you out in preparing a speech with a little humor and emotion in it, to keep your audience ever so interested.
Now, your audience is going to consist of your family, teachers, friends, administrative staff, colleagues (all dressed in that identical gown and cap), and their families. You are not the only one delivering a speech, there must be quite a few other students doing so too. Moreover, the dean and some teachers would have something to say too. Am already feel pity for the audience sitting there and listening to something that is so boring, emotional and bland.
Not poking fun, but everybody knows it is a moment of parting in 'sweet sorrow', and about showing gratitude to your teachers and other staff members. But why not make it the most fun and memorable moment of your life. Come on, you want to laugh and want others to laugh too, when you narrate your experience of delivering the graduation speech. Funny graduation speeches keep the audience involved in the ceremony, and the audience is going to remember you for your speech for a long time. Let's find out what it takes to write these speeches, in this article on Buzzle.
Tips on Writing a Funny Graduation Speech
  • The humor timing in your speech is important. Sometimes, you have cracked your joke or narrated the funny lines, but forget about laughing, no one in the audience even smiles. Whoa! You don't want that to happen. So, time your funny lines properly in the speech.
  • Make sure you emphasize and are audible to the audience while narrating your funny lines, since you don't want them to miss those lines and the prefect comic timing.
  • You know you cannot copy a graduation speech, but you can always draw inspiration for the humor from some other graduation speeches already delivered. Some quotes and newspaper headings would serve the purpose too.
  • You can also very tactfully put across a message or have some inspirational lines with a ting of humor to liven up the audience and spare them from getting bored.
  • Don't be afraid to tell your own personal (embarrassing) stories or moments you experienced during your academic years.
  • Include or relate to certain funny incidents from some popular TV shows, movies, politics or sports event. A funny song that relates to the subject of course, can be injected in your speech too.
  • You can also include some funny incident that took place in the class, with the teacher or any faculty member. Make sure you keep it healthy and not offend anyone in the bargain.
  • When you involve stories or moments about your friend circle, do not forget to introduce them to the audience personally. This will make your speech unique, and you can create some embarrassing moments for your friends as well who are sitting in the audience. (Of course, in a healthy way.)
  • Before the D-day, practice your speech several times in front of your friends, and ask for an honest opinion, since you don't want to hurt anyone, and at the same time include some fun factor.
Remember, you grow up the day you have a real laugh at yourself. So, even if you goof up, it is cool. Maybe when you grow old and narrate or rather discuss this incident amongst friends, you are going to have a nice laugh. So just be calm and composed, you have practiced enough, therefore, just go all out and nail it!
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