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Importance of Higher Education

Aastha Dogra Oct 14, 2018
Are you in two minds whether to go to college or not? Read the following piece of writing which explains the importance of higher education, and then take your decision.
With many teens harboring the desire to start earning straightaway after their school so that they can live independent, unrestricted lives, the dilemma of importance of higher education is bound to occur. Why should we go to college? What difference will it make to our lives? Let us discuss all these points and more in the upcoming sections.

Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals

Aids in Growth and Development

In school, students very rarely get to experience life. When the students get enrolled in college, they move away from their families, so this makes them independent. During college years, if the students have the right attitude, i.e., they really want to learn and study, the scope is unlimited.
They can increase their knowledge by reading lots of books or by attending lectures given by experts in the fields. Students get the opportunity to explore number of things, learn important life lessons, and basically 'find' themselves.

Key to a Better Life

With globalization taking place, the job market has become even more competitive. Now, a person not only has to compete for a job with the people from his own community or country but also with the people who immigrate from other countries.
So what is it that will distinguish you from all your competitors? Of course it is your additional skills, knowledge, and a college degree. It is a well-known fact that people who have a higher degree tend to earn more.
According to a research done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average earnings become high and the level of unemployment falls, with each education level acquired. People with higher education are more likely to get jobs which give health as well as pension benefits, in their old age. Thus, a college degree is the key to a better life.

The Role of Higher Education in Society

Ideal Citizens

People who are well educated and well paid, are more likely to live fulfilled lives. They make better partners, parents, and employees. They believe in following the societal norms and seldom indulge in anti-social behavior.
Educated people are more tolerant of other people, and thus, help in keeping the society peaceful. Higher standards of living, peace, good family life - all these things help in strengthening the country as a whole.

Social Work

Studies have shown that people who have a higher degree, which translates into a good satisfied life, are more likely to do social work and volunteering. Such behavior do benefit the society as a whole, as the underprivileged get taken care of too.
The benefits of higher education can be judged from the way it benefits a person financially, emotionally, socially, as well as intellectually. Funding college education is no more a task, with the various scholarships offered by the federal government, various local community clubs and the corporates. So grab the opportunity to turn your life around.